Sky Diving and Curse Breaking (OUAT)

We were skydiving over Disney World.  There were about 30 of us, friends and family, all sky diving. We knew we were over Disney because we could see the Mickey Mouse Club House down there.  We were each holding a balloon, which was keeping us sort of afloat, and we were drifting down and to the right. The balloons were the kind you could buy at Disney, big Mylar balloons of Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Ect.
I looked down and we were still so far from even reaching the clouds!  At this rate, we would float way past Disney by the time we landed. I suggested to everyone that we let go of the balloons so speed up the landing. We all did.  Some people were falling at faster rates than others, and I was trying to keep everyone more or less together.  My mom and I were both holding on to my Grampie W who passed away a few years ago. We knew he had died but that he was there.  I asked him if this was weird for him, falling from the sky and he said yes, and he looked nervous.

Soon we were to the clouds, and it was foggy as we passed through.  I worried as we fell that I would have to go WAY back to the beginning of Disney world to get my shoes. Shoot.
We all landed, and we were in the very last part of Disney. Well the Disney that’s always in my dreams. We were at the Caboose restaurant.  There were people eating but it wasn’t too busy because it was mid afternoon. Thankfully, the man in charge had brought our shoes over so we wouldn’t have to go back and get them.
The scene changed and I was in a house. I had a little key and I was trying to turn it. I also had the password, which the first “number” was a picture of a round of cheese. Weird.  I guess I was Emma Swan from OUAT, and Regina and I had to get this key to unlock the curse and break all of the curse. Anyway, we realized that we had the wrong key. We had to go back to another guy’s house to get the right one.
We went into his house, and he was magic or something too, and desperate. He was once really bad but sort of had become good but we still couldn’t totally trust him. Somehow I managed to swipe all of the little keys, and we started running back to the house. (They were old historic looking houses).  The man and his friends were chasing us, but Regina put up a magic wall that would hold them back for a minute.
We got back to the house and they key worked!
Regina, and I were sitting around a large old table with a few of our friends.  Because they curse was broke we could each say one hope or dream that we wanted to happen.  The girl beside me with long blonde hair wished she could be a man again (I guess the curse had changed her into a woman). She didn’t know where she would live and Regina said she could stay there. My turn. I wished to live happily with Henry, find the love of my life, and be able to open my heart to love.
I thought about who it could be. At first I thought maybe it would be George from Hart of Dixie, but hoped it wouldn’t.  Just then a group of guys came to the door. They looked in the window (but I had my back to the window, so I didn’t see).  Everyone at the table except Regina and I passed out. What the… I realized after that they had all fainted at the handsomeness of a blonde man in the window (ha).
Then there was a knock on the door, and it was the blonde man. He asked for the woman with the long blonde hair (me).  His voice was a bit shaky like he couldn’t believe what he had seen.
I went to the door, and my knees grew weak, and I fainted, face down. When I got up I was so disoriented, I tried to go out the door but I ended up going the wrong way.  The man held me up and hugged me. He was about a foot taller than me, and wore a light blue, soft t-shirt. I had my cheek on his chest and I looked up at him to talk to him. I realized he looked like a teenager. I was like 35 or something, how could a teenager be in love with me and vice versa?  He had an English accent, and said “Oh Emma. I’ve been watching you since they day you were born. I love you so deeply, I’ll grown and wait for you”. I got the impression *as an outsider looking in), that he wasn’t actually a teenager.  He had been around a looong time somehow. I was so happy he had found me though

The Prince, the Stocky Man & Rumpelstiltskin

It started out that I was starting at a new job, in a big old brick/stone building. I went into the room on the third or 4th floor, and there were two girls there. They were kind of snobby and particular. One said that the boss wanted to talk to me on the phone. I hadn’t met him yet.  I took the phone and said in a nice phone voice “Hello~~”. I knew it annoyed the girls, thinking I was using a fake voice. The boss sounded excited and eager.
The boss asked me to look out the window. I could see down and he was down there working, building something with a few other guys. They were all smiling and asked me which room I was in so they could look up and see me. Now I had a large hat on, and I sort of hid behind it, but looked out the window. The boss saw me now, and beamed at me.  I went away from the window. He was beautiful and it made me nervous.
Now, I’m not sure if the boss was the same person but I think he was. We were a couple now, and we were walking down the hall together, hand in hand. It was really important for him that I always act completely proper. I think he was a prince actually, so there were a lot of customs to follow.  I forget what I did, but it made him mad because it wasn’t how I was supposed to act. He was so mad at me, and it felt like our relationship might end.
Fast forward. We were all in a banquet hall. Things were made of stone, ect.  There was a man there, he was shorter than the Prince, a bit stocky, with mousy brown hair, cut short with bangs, dressed in brown clothes.  Flash back, and I remembered he had come to my father to ask for my hand in marriage (This was all happening centuries ago I believe).  The same day, the prince had asked for my hand.  My father had chosen the prince, but not because he had more money, just because it was the better choice and I had felt more love for him.
The man in brown was very scorned and had carried around that anger.  I noticed him in the room, sitting behind us, and I asked my prince to ready his sword, because it seemed there would be an attack.  Before my prince had time to defend himself, the man in brown had stabbed him with tiny little swords the size of dinner forks. He had two of them. He planned to stab the eyes of my prince I think.  Something was weird too, like his own eyes had been stabbed (by himself?). It was terrifying.
I ran to my prince, he was laying on the ground with other surrounding him.  I got down on the floor and kissed his lips. True love’s kiss.  If anything could save him, it would be true love’s kiss. He started to wake a bit. I kissed him again, and could feel a bit of strength coming back. I knew then that our fight had been so trivial, and that we truly loved each other deeply.
Just then the door opened. There was Rumpelstiltskin, and his father (Not the Peter Pan version, but the regular man).  I knew somehow something had happened and they had come back to life. I was so relieved, Rumpel was alive!  They were obviously weak. I hugged Rumpel and asked frantically “Do you have magic?!”.  He nodded that yes he did. I said “Please you have to help us! That man is terrorizing the kingdom and if we don’t stop him he will kill everyone!!”
Then I woke up.

Portal to Another World

I don’t remember entirely this dream, but since it was the second of the same nature this week, I thought I should write it down.
It started out that my Dad and I were in another country. Somewhere like Indonesia or Philippines, or something.  We were at a market, and I needed some cold medicine. My dad walked in and said “Do you have any drugs?!” He meant medicine, but I was like “DAD! You can’t say that here in the middle of the street!”. I guess the guy understood Korean because I asked for medicine in Korean. First I asked for headache medicine, and he didn’t have any, so I asked for cold medicine. He said wait he’d go get some. He had to go to another shop to buy them and I wished I had known there was a Yak Guk (Pharmacy) near, and I could have gone myself. He came back with a blister pack of medicine.
At that moment, I knew something was wrong. I knew we were about to be attacked.  They had been suspicious of us, and they were worried (even though we really were no threat). The shop keeper was handing me the medicine, but I could see in my eyes, he was waiting for someone on the outside to jump in. To protect us, I had to kill one of their people.  After I killed that one person, I killed several more. There were a lot of them.
I was running away, trying to escape, when a whole bunch of them came in with weapons. Clubs, knives… I was so outnumbered, someone told me to run up to the ceiling. I was walking along the beams of the ceiling trying to escape.  I knew I had to get out of this place. Somehow, I knew I had to get to a different land, I needed a portal. I reached into my pocket and found a magic bean. I threw it out in front of me, and jumped.  There was water below, and a portal had opened. I landed with a thud back in my own time.
Next scene, I was with my brother, sister in law, mom, family ect.  My brother said he had brought this woman in, and I had to go meet her. I realized it was a woman from the group of people I had just fought. WHAT! WHY did he bring her? I finally just escaped! I was so stressed and worried about going to meet her, and that she could hurt/kill me. I regretted that i had killed those people, but at the time it had felt like the only way. I looked back and thought, I had to kill the first one, and then after that I just kept going…. maybe I over did it…. I was feeling regretful, and torn about what I had done and what had to have been done.
So the weird thing, a few days ago, I had a similar dream. Suddenly I fell through a portal or something into this different time and place.  I forget everything that had happened, but there was a struggle and fight with one group of people. The chief or someone and his people.  When they were gone, it was just me and this one woman alone. (I was a man).  She didn’t trust me, and I knew that. I didn’t trust her either. She acted like we might be able to live half peacefully, but I knew at any second she could spring on me and try to attack me.  I forget what else happened though because it morphed into a dream about us going to Cuba for vacation, and Cuba Gooding Junior working at the security booth.

Band Practice

Pre Dream: I was having a dream that my friend D had a radio station. I could hear it playing but not very well. My friend A said I would have to raise up the height of my wire or transmitter or something in order to hear it.  He found a spot where it was high enough and said I had to plug my buckle into it. (I know, weird).  I did and he said I would get the bill for data used later, so I quickly unbuckled it. Didn’t need the connection that bad! Now onto the real dream.
Alright, I had gone back to University.  I went to listen to my friend’s band rehearse. I was there with the guys, and they were singing and playing. I didn’t know the song, but I was thinking it might be nice if I could sing the harmony. Hmm… how do I do that? I wasn’t really sure actually. I started quietly singing myself, and I noticed that they were already doing a great job with the harmony. I didn’t know the words so it was kind of hard.
My friend, M was there.  And we were hanging out and having fun. He was encouraging me to sing with them. I felt like I would have been a lot more comfortable if I was playing a guitar and singing because I would have more control, but I didn’t even know how to play that song.  One friend J, nudged us and asked if we were dating, and I said “Nope!”, M said “I am man! Hear me roar!”. And he meant that he just got jealous when I was with someone else, that’s all, but he was kind of teasing.
It was time to go back to our rooms, and M and I left. In a reflection on the door I could see myself. I had a cute hat on and I was all bundled up. I was wearing slightly flared jeans. I thought skinny jeans would have been better, but I didn’t mind. I was find with my body, even though I had gained weight. M walked behind me, pushing me through the yard.  In a fun way.  I let him push me and kept my feet on the ground, like I was skating with shoes one.
My friend T came, and was like “What are you doing?!”. I told her I was skating, and going home. She said “You guys aren’t together are you?!” And I said no, reminded her I Was married, and that we would never be together!”.  M left, and T and I started walking together. We got to an escalator, and started up.  When we almost got to the top, a few of the steps started going in the wrong direction. We were like “What the…” and we jumped over and got up to the top.
We looked back and saw another guy stuck on the weird steps. He was trying to go up and he kept ending up going back down. I felt like we should help me, when I realized he was special.  He needed extra help. I guess we didn’t help him though?
We got to the elevator, and started to get one. We were going up but the elevator was going down. but we decided to get one anyway and wait for it to go back up. I didn’t push the button because I knew it would just delete once we got to the bottom. A weird short man with red hair and freckles was running the machine. He had his shirt unbuttoned way down, and his chest was covered in hairless freckles. He had an earring on.  He was about 50 years old. He reminded me of a man I knew, R, but it wasn’t him.

Past Life Memory Dream

Alright so I was hoping I might get a glimpse into a past life last night. I think I might have.
I can hardly remember this dream.. it’s so vague because it happened early in the night. I think I was part of an Indian tribe. I know that I saw the name of a tribe in my dream but I can’t remember what it was Sioux is in my head, but I don’t think that was it.  Anyway, another group of people were there as well.  I thought at first it was white people (I mean I thought when I woke up), but now I think it may have been another group of Indians, different than us.  They had the upper hand, and there was something sinister.They had more power or more weapons, or something.
I gained their trust and had them believe that we were obedient to them somehow.  Then when I thought the time was right, I had them distracted and tried to lead my own people to safety and escape.  I wasn’t fast enough and they turned and saw us.  I know at that time I had to use my bow and arrow to protect and defend.  Some of my arrows were flims like straw but some worked.  I’m not sure what happened next.
I was trying so hard to remember this dream that it got into other dreams. A friend R had posted something in a book or something asking for people to talk about dreams about past lives and I wrote about it there. It was weird because somehow I found a way to tpe on the page, even though it was a printbook. I held my phone in front of it and typed to send it to her instantly.

Help Crossing Over

This dream was really weird. It started out that I was goign to school. I was still registering/dropping classes.  All of my courses were actually really neat and interesting.  I had one class open now since I had dropped one and had to find one to fill the spot. I didn’t want anything to difficult like math or calculus, but something interesting. I finally found one, and had to go to this guy’s weird office.  I went to his office and sat down at his desk.  I forget now what happened next. I feel like there was something about a ghost/dead brother.
Fast forward way ahead.  I was upstairs at my parent’s house.  My brother and I had kind of taken over the attic. (Even though there is no attic, and my daughter and I have actually taken over the basement in real life).
There was a girl there, and we suddenly realized that one of the girls there was a ghost.  I went to talk to her. She told me she had been dead for a while but she couldn’t cross over. She had tried everything and nothing had worked.  They had called me over because they believed I could help.  I wasn’t sure if I could, but I gathered my confidence to help.
I gathered my crystals and asked her to choose some. She couldn’t do it, so i chose a flat quartz and a very yellow citrine stone (side note, as I’m typing this, I can physically feel the angels touching my shoulder right now).  I stood very close in front of her, and asked for the other people to give me a moment.  A couple of other ghosts popped in and were all over me, one on my back and one too close, and I said very clearly “You cannot be here right now. You are not allowed. You have to go. Thank you goodbye”. And they did leave. So, I went back to the woman. I said very clearly “I call Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel.  All of your angels.  Please now, I ask you to take her back to the light, to home, to heaven.” I used all of my intentions and focus, and right then, she disappeared. I knew she had crossed over. I couldn’t believe it had worked! But I was so glad it had.
Isn’t that weird? It made me wonder if that actually happened. If I was actually doing that in another dimension last night while I was sleeping….

The Owner of Halifax

Okay I had moved to Halifax, and I had a resume prepared to drop off to an important company. I felt like I would get this job.  So, my old roommate Sara was driving me to the place.  It was down a street close to the waterfront.  Suddenlys he started going fast and I was like “Slow down”! and then I realized she was going fast to get through the light before it turned red. We made it. We got to the place and I was like “STOP!” shoot, we went past it. We went back and parked outside the building. I got my resume out and looked it over. OH for goodness sakes! I didn’t put my name on it! I was all dressed up and ready to go in but I couldn’t because my name wasn’t on it and it didnt look professional. I could see my name was there on one part but it would be hard for them to see it.
Sara and I went to a bench on the side and poured 2 shots of gin.  It tasted pretty good and I felt slightly better.  I thought we shouldn’t have taken a drink because now we would have to leave the car there and walk instead. Shoot.  I looked to the left, and the beautiful ocean/beach was there. I suggested we go there for a while until she could drive again.
We went back to the car, and I guess something was wrong with it (I guessed it was because of the check engine light). She had the hood up and she had put oil or something in it. Things were flowing around in there and she was investigating. I had NO idea what to do so I just stood there with my arms crossed. Just then all of the men from the place I was going to apply to came out. They were all kind of fancy, but they felt like they needed to help us. They were impressed with Sara and I was embarrassed to just be watching.
Then a very old man, very fancy/rich, tanned, and in a really expensive suit, pulled my arm and asked me to go walk to the beach. He insinuated that I was important and that’s why he took me, but that Sara had to stay and fix the car.  We started walking, and he walked over to these kids listening to a CD player, and he snatched the earphones away. Then he snatched the CD player away too, because he wanted us to listen to it (he had very poor social skills IMO).  Those to young people were like WTF, but one of them said “That’s Mr.___ (I forget). He OWNS Halifax”. So what I got from that was whatever he wants, you do.
So we started walking again. He said “I enjoy the beach”. I said “Me too”. He glared at me like that answer was not proper so I changed it to “I enjoy the beach as well”. he was satisfied with that. I had to be careful not to offend him.  I thought to myself it would probably be easy to train me to be more proper with someone as scary and grumpy as that glaring at me all the time.
We stepped down on the beach and I took my socks off. I ignored the glare from that one.  I was standing on a pile of sand and I started to lose my balance. Out of instinct he reached out to steady me, but I resisted and regained my balance so I wouldn’t have to make him do something out of order or touch my hands that had touched my socks.

The bridge and the jean jacket.

Okay, I was at an airport at first, and then I went outside. I was walking down the road and I saw a couple together. Then she got up and started walking away. She was small, young (Probably early 20s), and had really short shorts on. Long brown hair. She was a little rough looking and I realized she was a prositute. She called to a guy on a bicycle coming towards us, and she yelled out to him, his name was something Reamer. I thought that was a weird name. Anyway he tried to ignore her but she called him out for using her services before. 
Anyway I kept walking, and we got to a bridge.  I hung my purse and jean jacket on the rail, and walked over the first part of the bridge to look out. It was a walking bridge, and lots of people were just enjoying the view off the side.  I realized I had to go back and turned to walk back. I looked down and saw the small path I had walked had no rails and the water was moving quickly through. Holy! I was so scared to go back, I wanted somethigng to hold on to.  Somehow I got back and realized that I had left my purse and coat on the rail. Why did I leave it? Of course, a guy who was a friend (I don’t know who he really was, had stolen it). Actually I think he just stole the coat. I looked at my purse and everything was still there, phone, wallet, ect.
So he sheepishly realized he was wrong and went to get my coat back. When he came back, it wasn’t my coat. He went again and came back again with the wrong coat. Agh. At that point I realized this might be some bad plan designed to trap me somehow. I followed him anyway and took my chances. 
We walked past this big window on the top floor of the “airport”. It was looking down to the main level.  There was a stand off there! Somehow, kids had brought guns in and had planned a big shooting, but the people in charge there (police?) managed to get the upper hand. The kids were all laying face down on the floor. Other police came in with rope, tied it around the kids’ feet, and pulled them away. I wondered if we should not stand so close to the window, in case the fired at us or something. 

The New House from Dad

Okay first, I want to apologize. To you, and to myself. I have not been keeping up with the blog for most of the summer! I have still been having all of the dreams, and thinking about them, but somehow I’ve lost motivation to record. SO, the dream I’m about to write down was from last weekend, about 6 days ago. It’s still in my head so I will record this one for today, and try to get back on track!

I was on a bus, or in a car, driving through Avondale.  I noticed a construction site, between two houses, and saw that someone was building a house. I realized it was my dad building a house for me! My mom and I went in to check it out. I was happy that he was building me a house, but thought he started quite quickly and I hadn’t told him exactly what I wanted. I knew I gave him a blueprint example earlier to tell him it looked like a nice house, but we hadn’t even made any decisions yet. I really had hoped I could have picked out all the details myself.

So we went into the house and looked around. Oh it was quite nice! When we first walked in, it was pretty unfinished, but as we continued, it became totally furnished and everything. I went from room to room, it was so beautiful and spacious.  The ceilings were SO high and I loved it! It was absolutely beautiful. I suddenly panicked a bit that my dad may not have taken our budget into consideration and wondered how we would pay the mortgage. Oh no. I thought we’d come up with it somehow.  There were two livingrooms, and just beauitful decorations and furniture.

I went into one room, and there were about 100 rows of bean bag chairs, all going way up to the ceiling, like movie-theatre seating.  I started to climb up the bean bag chairs and realized that none of them were hooked it. I started sliding down the mountain of bean bags.  At that point, something weird happened where I was being capture by vampires but I don’t remember the rest.  

Animals in the Living Room & Rubicon

My husband and I had just gotten home, and in our yard a tree had fallen, it was all grey and old, and underneath it was a huge buck deer. It was laying motionless under the tree. I wondered if it had got tangled in the tree and died? But it was such a strong animal for that to happen. Had the tree fallen on it? My husband ran over to it, and I warned him to be careful, it may still be alive, and upset. He said “No it’s not!” He poked at it’s antler, and it stirred. I told him to run away from it. We ran into the house, and I searched around for some food to dive it. The deer came to the window (it was more like a reindeer or a caribou, it was so large), and nuzzled it’s head on my hand. Awwe it was so sweet! I found some carrots in the fridge, remembering that Sven liked carrots (Ahh Frozen obsessed 3-year old in my house). 
I gave the deer carrots and he gobbled them all up. I wondered if my husband would be annoyed if I used all the carrots, and then thought we could just buy some more. I’m not sure what happened next with the deer.
Now we were all in the house (but it looked different), and there was a bear in there! A young bear, and we were trying to shoo it out through the glass doors in the living room. We knew the Mama bear must be around too! Finally we almost got the baby shooed out, when the mama came through. We all got out of her way and she ran through to her baby. I feel like there were more animals. Oh!
Okay, then we heard a coyote! Everyone was really freaked out and worried. We were all scared because apparently it was a really dangerous thing to see. My grampy was there! I’m so happy I could see him! He told me that we had to rub soap on our forearms to ward off the coyotes. He said it was a certain soap (I could smell it), and that it would be similar to regular aveeno bar soap. You just rub the dry bar on your arms (and maybe shoulders). I spent a lot of the rest of the dream looking for that soap.  
I was in Shopper’s Drugmart, but where it was when I was a kid. There was barely any thing there for soaps, mostly decorations and things. I thought my mom would like to go there to see all the pretty things.  I think eventually I did find the soap.
Later, I had a dream that B had performed a song in front of a lot of people and it was really cute. After that we went outside. It was out side at D&G’s house, and I was in a tent chatting to a friend. I looked up and saw a black plane flying above us. Weird. I pointed it out and it got closer and closer. I realized it was a black helicopter and it was about to land on the lawn. I was so scared, I ran inside as fast as I could. My friend started to run inside too, and I opened the door for her. Our dog tried to run in too but she hit her face on the screen door and fell back and rolled on the ground.  I ran in the house, looking for somewhere to hide. I jumped down the stairs, and watched as the man entered the house.
He was looking for D. She had ordered a fancy decorative plate and he was delivering it! Wow! It must have been an expensive plate for helicopter delivery. When someone mentioned that he laughed and said it was just his hobby. Someone said that D had spent so much money, she had to pay with Rubicon. Apparently, when something was so expensive, regular money couldn’t buy it, you had to go a level up and pay with the currency called rubicon. Weeeiiirrrrrd.