The bridge and the jean jacket.

Okay, I was at an airport at first, and then I went outside. I was walking down the road and I saw a couple together. Then she got up and started walking away. She was small, young (Probably early 20s), and had really short shorts on. Long brown hair. She was a little rough looking and I realized she was a prositute. She called to a guy on a bicycle coming towards us, and she yelled out to him, his name was something Reamer. I thought that was a weird name. Anyway he tried to ignore her but she called him out for using her services before. 
Anyway I kept walking, and we got to a bridge.  I hung my purse and jean jacket on the rail, and walked over the first part of the bridge to look out. It was a walking bridge, and lots of people were just enjoying the view off the side.  I realized I had to go back and turned to walk back. I looked down and saw the small path I had walked had no rails and the water was moving quickly through. Holy! I was so scared to go back, I wanted somethigng to hold on to.  Somehow I got back and realized that I had left my purse and coat on the rail. Why did I leave it? Of course, a guy who was a friend (I don’t know who he really was, had stolen it). Actually I think he just stole the coat. I looked at my purse and everything was still there, phone, wallet, ect.
So he sheepishly realized he was wrong and went to get my coat back. When he came back, it wasn’t my coat. He went again and came back again with the wrong coat. Agh. At that point I realized this might be some bad plan designed to trap me somehow. I followed him anyway and took my chances. 
We walked past this big window on the top floor of the “airport”. It was looking down to the main level.  There was a stand off there! Somehow, kids had brought guns in and had planned a big shooting, but the people in charge there (police?) managed to get the upper hand. The kids were all laying face down on the floor. Other police came in with rope, tied it around the kids’ feet, and pulled them away. I wondered if we should not stand so close to the window, in case the fired at us or something. 

The New House from Dad

Okay first, I want to apologize. To you, and to myself. I have not been keeping up with the blog for most of the summer! I have still been having all of the dreams, and thinking about them, but somehow I’ve lost motivation to record. SO, the dream I’m about to write down was from last weekend, about 6 days ago. It’s still in my head so I will record this one for today, and try to get back on track!

I was on a bus, or in a car, driving through Avondale.  I noticed a construction site, between two houses, and saw that someone was building a house. I realized it was my dad building a house for me! My mom and I went in to check it out. I was happy that he was building me a house, but thought he started quite quickly and I hadn’t told him exactly what I wanted. I knew I gave him a blueprint example earlier to tell him it looked like a nice house, but we hadn’t even made any decisions yet. I really had hoped I could have picked out all the details myself.

So we went into the house and looked around. Oh it was quite nice! When we first walked in, it was pretty unfinished, but as we continued, it became totally furnished and everything. I went from room to room, it was so beautiful and spacious.  The ceilings were SO high and I loved it! It was absolutely beautiful. I suddenly panicked a bit that my dad may not have taken our budget into consideration and wondered how we would pay the mortgage. Oh no. I thought we’d come up with it somehow.  There were two livingrooms, and just beauitful decorations and furniture.

I went into one room, and there were about 100 rows of bean bag chairs, all going way up to the ceiling, like movie-theatre seating.  I started to climb up the bean bag chairs and realized that none of them were hooked it. I started sliding down the mountain of bean bags.  At that point, something weird happened where I was being capture by vampires but I don’t remember the rest.  

Animals in the Living Room & Rubicon

My husband and I had just gotten home, and in our yard a tree had fallen, it was all grey and old, and underneath it was a huge buck deer. It was laying motionless under the tree. I wondered if it had got tangled in the tree and died? But it was such a strong animal for that to happen. Had the tree fallen on it? My husband ran over to it, and I warned him to be careful, it may still be alive, and upset. He said “No it’s not!” He poked at it’s antler, and it stirred. I told him to run away from it. We ran into the house, and I searched around for some food to dive it. The deer came to the window (it was more like a reindeer or a caribou, it was so large), and nuzzled it’s head on my hand. Awwe it was so sweet! I found some carrots in the fridge, remembering that Sven liked carrots (Ahh Frozen obsessed 3-year old in my house). 
I gave the deer carrots and he gobbled them all up. I wondered if my husband would be annoyed if I used all the carrots, and then thought we could just buy some more. I’m not sure what happened next with the deer.
Now we were all in the house (but it looked different), and there was a bear in there! A young bear, and we were trying to shoo it out through the glass doors in the living room. We knew the Mama bear must be around too! Finally we almost got the baby shooed out, when the mama came through. We all got out of her way and she ran through to her baby. I feel like there were more animals. Oh!
Okay, then we heard a coyote! Everyone was really freaked out and worried. We were all scared because apparently it was a really dangerous thing to see. My grampy was there! I’m so happy I could see him! He told me that we had to rub soap on our forearms to ward off the coyotes. He said it was a certain soap (I could smell it), and that it would be similar to regular aveeno bar soap. You just rub the dry bar on your arms (and maybe shoulders). I spent a lot of the rest of the dream looking for that soap.  
I was in Shopper’s Drugmart, but where it was when I was a kid. There was barely any thing there for soaps, mostly decorations and things. I thought my mom would like to go there to see all the pretty things.  I think eventually I did find the soap.
Later, I had a dream that B had performed a song in front of a lot of people and it was really cute. After that we went outside. It was out side at D&G’s house, and I was in a tent chatting to a friend. I looked up and saw a black plane flying above us. Weird. I pointed it out and it got closer and closer. I realized it was a black helicopter and it was about to land on the lawn. I was so scared, I ran inside as fast as I could. My friend started to run inside too, and I opened the door for her. Our dog tried to run in too but she hit her face on the screen door and fell back and rolled on the ground.  I ran in the house, looking for somewhere to hide. I jumped down the stairs, and watched as the man entered the house.
He was looking for D. She had ordered a fancy decorative plate and he was delivering it! Wow! It must have been an expensive plate for helicopter delivery. When someone mentioned that he laughed and said it was just his hobby. Someone said that D had spent so much money, she had to pay with Rubicon. Apparently, when something was so expensive, regular money couldn’t buy it, you had to go a level up and pay with the currency called rubicon. Weeeiiirrrrrd. 

Meeting Rayna James

We were at a place, and for some reason, my husband and i were in charge of my grandmother’s safe. It was housed in a building, and it looked like a car trunk. I think it must have been in the bank. My husband was excited because he would get money, like $30,000 but I chastised him and said it wasn’t about money, it was about our responsibility to take care of these thing. We looked through the safe a bit, and noticed a bag with a couple of red necklaces in it. A baggie. Mom said they were for Aunt T, but she had died first, so I could throw them away if I want (encouraging me not to have to feel the need to keep things for sentimental value), but I said that I would never throw them away. I asked my mom if the safe was fire proof and she said yes.

Now, we were leaving, and as we walked out, Connie Britton (Or Rayna James, from Nashville), was walking by. I was too embarrassed to say anything so my husband said “Are you RAYNA JAMES!! My wife is the HUGEST fan of Nashville!!!”. She was so shocked and couldn’t believe it. She had never heard anyone say they were fans of Nashville, so I ran up really excited to talk. She asked if I had any thoughts on the show, and all I could think of to say was “Of course, I wish you and Deacon would just be together! But I’m sure everyone says that!”.

Her manager pulled me aside, very angrily. He said that in a few moments, she had planned to quit the show, but now I’ve complicated things. He wanted me to go back and tell her to just quit. Umm?? He asked me to get in the car with them for a chat. I was nervous, and knew my mom would be waiting for me. (Which, prompted me to try and call her for most of the rest of the dreams, but I couldn’t get the numbers right on my phone of course). Anyway, I got in the car.

I started talking to “Rayna”. She said that she was planning to quit the show and study art in Italy. I asked her if she was good at art, and did she really love it, and she said yes. Then she said that the love of her life was an artist in Italy, so she was going there for him. I asked if she was the love of HIS life, and she said yes. I told her that maybe he could move to LA, or somewhere in California, and they could commute to each other. Wasn’t the weather in California like Italy? I told her that she needed to follow her dreams, and do what made HER happy. But that she had responsibilities too. I reminded her of all the jobs people would lose if she left.

Next I said “I don’t believe that you only live once (the manager smirked at me in the rear view mirror, and got what I was saying), but you have to make the most of THIS lifetime, so with that being said, you need to find what makes you completely happy and run with it”. I was very careful not to tell her what to do, one way or another (even tho I wanted her to stay so I could watch another season of Nashville), and even though the manager wanted me to tell her to just go, but I wanted to be fair with what I said.

I guess at this point I must have gotten mom’s phone number right yeesh.
I also had another dream that I was teaching an elementary class, but for some reason, I forgot to teach them anything, and we just played and did different things, and I realized a test for them was coming up. Oh no! How could I fit everything in to get them ready?! YIKES! And I dreamed as well that there was a big storm coming, and I wondered if it would be better to live in a big fancy tall apartment building, or a short 2 story one that wasn’t fancy, so maybe the wind and storm wouldn’t get it.

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Crooks in the House

This morning, in real life, I stayed home from work for a few hours. I woke up really sick, and I’m sure it was the supper we ate last night. I felt sick most of the night. Anyway, on to the dream:

I had stayed home from work sick (Which made me think this was all real life, since my dream was picking up where I was in real life). I got out of bed a couple hours later, because I heard something, I went out my door, and there was a woman, man and a young daughter standing there. They were really surprised to see me, and kind of started to apologize. I asked what they were doing but that answered something else. I thought that maybe they had come to look at our house to buy, and the real estate agent didn’t tell me, because she thought I wouldn’t be home. I noticed something yellow and gooey by the bathroom door floor, and I swooped down to wipe it up.

I asked again what they were doing there, and they said they were buying things. We walked up the hall, and I saw my computer was gone, our kitchen table, furniture ect. I was like “What the heck?”. The husband showed me a print out email or ad or something from like, Kijiji. It said “CHEATING SPOUSE, HUGE SALE” or something like that. I said “What is that! There’s not cheating spouse here!”. Then I realized it had been a scam. Someone had made it up to get people to steal our things unknowingly and pay them. I asked how they had gotten into the house, and they said ‘The door code” I thought it had to have been my dad. When we did renovations, he freely gave out our door code to anyone who needed it, which freaked me out a little.

So, I went out side with the family, and told them that yeah, we planned to sell our house, so maybe then I would sell this stuff. The amount the offered me actually wan’t bad, but I guess thinking back they weren’t gonna pay me, they were gonna probably pay the crook. They asked me where I got the kitchen set, and I told them we bought it at the local furniture shop, that it was the first time in our lives we could actually buy a real table and chairs and we were so happy.

Suddenly, the husband said “Alright, we can’t do this anymore, you’re just believing everything we say.” He started lunging towards me, with his hands for my throat, and I realized that it was THEM in charge of this, they were the bad guys. I screamed and tried to fight back, Somehow I grabbed him and threw him down on the ground. I yelled to my husband to run in and get the gun. The rifle. We didn’t have a gun but I thought it might scare them into leaving, and then I started running to me neighbours house.

I ran to their house and started yelling to the grampy that was staying with them. I managed to get in through the basement, and ran up stairs looking for people, hoping they wouldnt think I was an intruder and attack them. Lucky for me, D was home! Phewf! I told him what happened and asked him to come help. He jumped up without hesitation and ran back to my house with me. When we got there, the police had arrived, and the bad guys had been captured. Lots and lots of people from the village were in our hard, all lined up in about 6 different lines. They pushed me to the front of oneline, where I received a blue heart necklace, plastic. Everyone was receiving them, with various different colours. I felt a bit guilty though, since i Had left my family alone there while I ran away to get help.

Also, the weird thing, I fell back asleep, and dreamed it all again! Only this time some of the details were different. So. Weird.

Soccer Team Round Up

I know I had another dream that I tried to remember, but right now I forget what it was.

Anyway, so, we were going to start a girls soccer team I guess. For some reason, I wanted to be part of it. I thought I would be able to do a good job. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough stamina to play but I had a small inkling that maybe I could do it.

I tried rounding up people to play for us. I found some friends, and people who used to play soccer, and started getting our team together.

Next, I found my friend T, and asked her if she’d like to join. She thought about it and then said yes. We were walking around the mall, thinking about what shoes to wear. I decided I would just wear my regular sneakers instead of having to buy cleats. She said she would too. I told her that I was going to be a fullback position and she got SO mad saying I couldn’t, because she was going to. I was like “There are more than one spots!” She thought her chances would be diminished if I did it. She said she deserved it because she had won a medal in middle school for that position. Okay whatever. Then she said she didn’t want another girl, KH on our team. I told her we had to take her because she was really good and we needed good player!

Anyway, so now I was at my house, that I grew up in. It was snowing outside, and I wanted to go out with my friends, so I looked around for some boots. I found a pair of my mom’s that were wedge sneaker type boots but I thought they would be better than nothing.

As I was about to go outside, I realized, the other team had come to harass us. I was so scared, I pushed on the front door to lock it, just in time, and then I ran to the other door to lock it. As I was trying to lock it, guys were pushing in and I was struggling to get the door closed so I could lock it. I was so scared and desperate. I called for my dad and he came. There was a picture hanging on the wall, and he reached his hand behind it and pulled out a knife. Like a large jackknife. I was so surprised that that was in there.

Then, the guys behind the door pulled out a knife too! AHH! I yelled at them that I had called the police and they would be here soon so they’d better get away from us. The scattered and ran back around to the other side. I hadn’t actually called the police but thought it would be a good time to!

I pulled out my phone and tried to call 911. AGHH! I kept hitting the wrong numbers (like ALWAYS in my dream) 711, 912, 411, ect. ARGH. I wondered how this could be happening, since that only should happen in my dreams, not real life (ha). I used all of my concentration, and FINALLY got 911 dialed.

A woman answered the phone and I said “Hello, I need police here right now at my house.”. I gave her all of my info, very clearly. I worried and worried that they wouldn’t get there in time, and also worried if they were taking me seriously, or if they would even come.

On another note, I had a neat dream a few days ago. I was at my friend’s house, and I walked outside on the front step, and the sky was lit up with Northern Lights. It was SO beautiful! More amazing than any I have ever seen. I was thinking about how amazing it was, and saying that a rainbow is just as beautiful but since we see them all the time, we don’t realize how pretty and spectacular they are.

My Irish Customer

I was at work, and our showroom was very large. Since I was just about to go and take a shower, since our power had been out. A young man, in his 30s asked me if I could help him. I told him I was about to take a shower, but maybe my Dad could help. Then I decided, no, I would talk to him. So, we started chit chatting about things. There was some mess on the floor, and he started cleaning it up! It was my job, but for some reason, he wanted to help me do it, and I was so embarrassed that he had. Also, I was happy and grateful.

We were talking about the wallpaper on the wall. It was really ugly, it was burgundy and the paper went right down over the moulding. It was peeling at every seam and looked SO bad. I asked my mom why on Earth she had done that and she said some people liked it.

ANyway this guy I was talking to was Irish. And we agreed how awful the wall was. As we chit chatted and walked around, we fell in love. We were so happy too. We held hand.

Now we were on the school bus. I was sad because it was the end of the year, and he might have to go back home and leave me. We were sitting diagonally across from each other chit chatting. He was saying that he was on maternity leave and i was like “WHAT!” and he said that in Ireland, he was an only child, so it was called maternity leave, when he grew up, he got to have a break from regular school, and he was taking that leave now, to be in Canada. He was thinking of a way he could stay.

Some people got on the bus, and I saw my friend, K. I moved over in case he wanted to sit but he sat in front of me instead. I was asking him questions about Ireland to see what we could do. I had 2 necklaces, my BF liked one, and the other one, I put on K. He was like “WTF! I don’t want to wear this!” I told him it would make a nice present for his girlfriend when he got back. I said it doesn’t matter what type of girl she is, every woman likes to get jewellery chosen from them from their lover. Funny, the necklace my boyfriend liked, I ended up actually wearing to work today.

The Grandfather Race

When I was 7 years old, my maternal grandfather died. He had been sick with Parkinson’s disease all of my life, so I never really knew him except that he couldn’t move or talk very well. At the time, I didn’t know how hard he had made my mom’s life growing up, but since learned. The day of the funeral, I was standing next to his body when my aunt told me that if I touched his hand, he could never visit me in my dreams. I was young and scared of dead people, so I touched his hand. Somewhere along the lines there I ended up touching it twice. Or three times? Oh no! I kept touch him over and over, trying to make an even number, but worried that I had touched him an odd number of times, or vice versa, and that he would come to my dreams and scare me. I think this is where my OCD started too.

Anywho, this year my mom got a psychic reading and her father came through. He explained so much, and apologized so deeply for what he had done. He told her that he was protecting us and watching over us.

Since the day he died, I have NEVER seen him in my dream. Ever. And I was always sure it was because I touched him the right amount of times. So, it came as a surprise when I dreamed about him last weekend:

We were in a room, with guys from my school, my age, in their 20s. There was a race going on. Each person ran a very short track, indoors. When it was finished, they announced the winner. They said “The winner is C.U. (my grandfather)”. I looked up, and saw him, wearing a jogging suit, with shaggy dark hair. He had won, but he bent his head, and walked out of the room, instead of celebrating. He wanted to show us that he wasn’t proud of himself, but that he was working hard to do his best. People around said “Wow, weird, how old is he?” I said that my mom is 55, so that means he is in his 70s. They were all pretty impressed that a man of his age one the race, against the younger people.
Running Race

Giant Pink Dolphin

Me and a friend were on our way somewhere. We had to climb steep steps and ladders to get there.  It was some event in England. My boss had asked me to buy two tickets for him, using my own money, because I would be able to use them as well when I arrived.
When we finally got to the gate, the man told us that our tickets were used and we couldn’t come in. WHAT! I begged him and told him that it was our boss, and he was very important, but that I had used my own money and we were supposed to be able to use the tickets. Finally he relented and said we could come in. 
When we walked through the door, there was a door prize. You had to guess the length of a giant pink dolphin to win.  I mean, SUPER giant.  It was a HUGE dolphin that swam to this place every year and was sort of like a mascot for the company. We heard a little spiel about it, and then we could guess. Well I remembered hearing 1200 in there, and I thought it could go one way or the other. It could have been the answer, and we were supposed to listen to get it right, or it could be a test to see if we had any of our own gumption and thinking power to think up something of our own.
Well, I thought 1200 metres is REALLY long, so maybe 1200 feet would be right. So I wrote it down. I felt like that was way too big, but then I saw the pink dolphin emerge from the water and it was HUGE! I thought it could be 1200 feet,  I walked in, and it was a small one room trade show, and my family was there too.
Okay this other dream from last night was kind of strange. I forgot about it until I was driving to work and heard about a woman on Morons in the News eating a bag of marijuana in a police car.
So, we were at my aunt’s house I think.  My parents, aunt and uncle, and family friends, K & B were there. Everyone was sitting in a circle, and my hubby was beside me.  THey seemed like they were waiting for us to leave before they did something, but they gave up and just started. Someone pulled out a bunch of marijuana and lit it up. What! I was so shocked! They were all passing it around when just about floored me. My poor husband was terrified. A girl, J, was there and went to my hubby and told him he had to try it. I knew he was nervous. Well, somehow, she was trying to put the smoke in his mouth, but there was fire around it and it was burning his face around his mouth! I was like, WHAT THE HECK!  Next it was my turn, and J wanted to help me. She got thick black ash all over my front teeth! Yeesh. So I just did it myself.  I invited Erik to come and chit chat and I saw an orb fly by. I think it was just a reflection from something I was wearing though. I also noticed my mom seemed to have had too much. WEIRD DREAM! 


The Home Post Office

I went to my Grammie U’s house, and for some reason, it was the post office.  It was still her house, but there was a post office sign on each side of it, just little ones. It was weird, because it didn’t look very nice of professional, but it was small town, and I guess people just accepted it and used it.
I was sitting down at a table, and I think there were pennies on the table. I was with my family members and we were discussing something. Then another family came in to talk amongst themselves. I had to kind of scoot out of the way to make room for them.
Somehow I got outside, and I was talking to a girl who had been in the post office. I feel like the conversation was important but i forget what it was.  
Next, I was walking beside a guy. He was my friend. He was taller than me, kind of shaggy light brown/blondish hair. He was upset because his cousin had been a jerk to him. I reached up and held his hand, and to my surprise, he help firmly onto mine.  Then, his cousin, who had been hurt or something or in a case, met us on the road. He was like the handsomer version of my friend (who I guess was now my boyfriend?)
When the cousin met us, he expected me to be nice to him, but instead I hit him or something and said something mean to him. Normally I would be afraid what he would say back to me, but this time, I just said it and did it. My BF asked me why I did that and I told him because he had been mean to him, and I wouldn’t let him get away with it.
Next, we were at some place where people were gathered around.  I was standing with my BF, still holding his hand. Throughout the dream, he protected me and shielded me with his body and I felt so loved and comforted. Now, I was standing next to him, but somehow, I was also standing up in a window (2 of me but it wasn’t weird).  I was in the window with other people, facing the crowd.  The cousin was also there and a couple more people. I was giving a speech.  I was talking to the kids about how if someone throws a snowball at you, you throw one back. You fight back! You don’t be a pushover!.
The other me was listening, and I was shaking my head like “I get what she’s saying, but yeesh, I don’t really think it’s right or the right place to be saying this. It’s not really the right message to share”.