The Empty Mirrored Room

It’s now almost the end of the work day, so this dream is starting to fade. I haven’t had time to write it down until now, but here is what’s left of it:
There were two girl, about 8 or 9 years old I think, and they were all dressed up outside, going to prom or something. They were wearing white gloves. One of them ended up spilling red wine on the white gloves, and I told her to give them to me and I would try to wash them.
I brought them into my house to the sink. The sink was up on a platform (and by the way “my” house was a place I’ve never seen before), you had to go up steps to get to it, and it looked out the window. I started washing the gloves and thought I might need some oxyclean.  I opened up the container, and instead of regular oxyclean, it was stuff we had made ourselves. I thought I’d better go to the store room and get some real stuff to work better. 
I left the kitchen and went into another room. Nope not the store room, I walked into the next room. It was a large empty room, with crown mouldings and framed mirrors covering all of the walls. I thought to myself that it was such a nice room, and a shame we weren’t using it. I thought it was probably better our bedroom was upstairs so it would force us to go up there. Otherwise we would just stay in the downstairs part of the house and neglect the other part.
I went into the closet and there was the oxyclean on the shelf.  Weird things were happening in the closet but I can’t think of what. I was carrying people out of it, or it was a portal, or something weird. Image

Physics Pop Quiz

This is a dream I (and I’m sure you) have had many times.  It’s usually an indication that I’m stressing over something or feeling unprepared.  The feeling that I neglected to do something, and now I am under-prepared.
I walked into my high school physics class.  I hadn’t been there the entire semester, and hadn’t even cracked the book to see what we were learning about. As I walked into the classroom, my teacher, Mr. T was there, and he told us we would be having a pop quiz today. The only saving grace was that this pop quiz was just prep for the huge final exam we would have the next day.  If we answered any of the questions correctly (out loud) today, we would get bonus points.
Mr. T told us all to all have a piece of paper and pencil. We could write on it, but we had to put it on our heads to write.  Maybe so he could see what we were writing?
Anyway, so we started with the quiz questions. I had no clue about ANY of them. I didn’t raise my hand at all and prayed he wouldn’t call on me. I left my usual spot in the front, and went to the back to “hide”.  I wondered if I could pray to the angels and somehow have them channel the answers to me! I hoped that the questions he was going over today might be the exact same questions on the test tomorrow. Could I remember them all. I started to write some points down on my paper (on top of my head of course).  Mr. T hinted that one question in particular would be important to remember.
Finally he was done asking the questions, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I wondered if I would be able to learn enough that night for the test. The questions were more like history questions and than physics.  
Next there were about 10 more bonus questions on the board. The first questions was a picture of an orange, and he asked what category of fruit it was. I raised my hand “CITRUS!” Phewf one point. The next question was beans and I knew the answer was “Legumes” (haha). Someone else got that one. I ended up getting another question right for a total of 2 bonus point.  
Next I went to sit at a table with friends and discuss the test ext.
As I was driving to work this morning, it was extremely foggy.  I came up a hill and a truck almost pulled out in front of me which triggered a memory of a dream from last night.  I don’t really remember it all, but I did remember driving down the road, and up ahead was a very foggy patch.  It was too late to turn back, but it was so foggy that I couldn’t see ANY thing. I knew it was very likely that I could have a car accident because no drivers could see each other.  I tried to slow a bit, but knew I just had to roll with the punches and keep going.
Funny, I’ve been noticing these days that I will have several dreams on the same night. Totally different dreams, but somehow with the same message or theme attached. Wondering if my subconscious/guides/angels/ect just keep giving me the same message differently, hoping it might sink it.
The correlation between these two dreams that immediately jumped out at me were the aspect of entering into something without knowing all of the facts.  Interestingly, a few days ago I was in my parents’ basement and I stepped on a nail. I felt like I stepped on it because I failed to look where I was going, and should have “watched my step”.  

Sam Heughan and the Bear

Okay, I was going into town somewhere, walking in. Well, actually I think at first it was an airport or something.  I looked and I saw Sam Heughan (The actor who will be playing Jamie Fraser in the upcoming Outlander Miniseries yayyyyyyyyyy!). I called out his name and he seemed to be alone.  He was up stairs somewhere, and I walked around a wall, and he came out the bottom, again I said “Sam Heughan!” and I was so lucky! He was alone and I got to talk to him!
I was so excited, and he told me that I should at least tell him some unique Canadian phrases that he could take back to Scotland with him. My mind went blank and the only thign I could think of was “bejesus” like “You scared the bejesus out of me!!!” I wasn’t sure if that was actually Canadian though. I just couldn’t think of anything!
So, we chit chatted and then we danced. Haha. We were slow dancing in the middle of the ground and I was desperately thinking of something else I could do with him to extend our time together.  He told me that our meeting time was over but that he’d walk me back to town.  Okay, I could deal with that.
We started walking hand in hand to town.  We walked down a wooded path towards our destination.  Suddenly behind us a bear started running towards us. I reached down and grabbed an old wooden boat paddle just in case I had to defend us.  The bear zoomed past us, not caring to attack us at all. Phewf.  Then it came running, but once again it zoomed past us. I guess we were safe!
We got to the house where B’s old baby sitter lived.  Sam’s mom had bought the house.  Apparently now that she bought it, she would also be B’s baby sitter. Yeesh. 
I don’t really remember this one as much. But it was somewhere near the ocean. There were people that I knew, and my friend MM (who for some weird reason has become a very familiar face in my dreams, even thought I haven’t seen him for 12 years and he wasn’t even one of my best friends) was there as well.  I was hanging out with MM, and there was a baby. An adorable special baby with smiling eyes. He was very concerned with this baby and it’s welfare.  It was the most important thing to him. Since MM was important to me, I made sure the baby was important too. I carried the baby around and cared for him, which made MM happy. I know there was a lot more to the dream, but I can’t really remember it clearly.  

Past Life Stoning

Okay this dream is kind of weird and I don’t remember the exact details of it.  I forgot to think about it this morning when I woke up (I had it early in the night) and just re-remembered it on my drive to work. 
We were at a place, and we were kind of up in the rafters or hanging from ropes or something.  There were two of us. I’m not sure exactly which one I was, but I think I was the younger one. When I woke up I kind of felt like it was me, another life time or something. 
The younger one was probably about 12, a boy.  Dark creamy brown skin (Maybe Indian/Native American?) His (my) name was Jesse.  His hair was medium length with down around his ears and to the bottom of his neck, shaggy.  His spirit was sweet and kind and innocent. The other was a boy, older, maybe about 17. He was white, with short hair and the two had a very close bond.  Best friend, or brothers or adopted brothers or they had grown up together, or something. 
Anyway, something happened and I (Jesse) was blamed. It was obvious to everyone that I was innocent, but the authorities had chosen me to be blamed.  My friend tried desperately to save me, to shout that I was innocent.  I knew that as well, but knew it was my fate to take the blame.  Because of my skin colour or age or position I knew that no matter what, no one would hear me.  If I spoke out, it would only be worse.  My friend could yell and scream but they wouldn’t punish him. They wouldn’t listen to him either, but at least he would be safe.
They threw stones at me until I was almost dead.  I could feel the blood coming up and out of my mouth and nose. I felt like i needed to cough to get the blood out, and knew that it would probably kill me to do it. Thick blood. I didn’t feel a lot of pain, but hoped that the death would be quick so I could just leave my body.  
Everyone else left except my friend. I felt like we had tricked them because I hadn’t died! I was still “aiive” Or so I thought at the time.  My friend carried me around in an envelope (i know, that sounds really weird, and I don’t even know what that meant).  I thought I must be alive, and we had survived despite those people. Looking back, I’m quite sure I had actually died, but I was confused a bit as a newly discarnate spirit. 
When I woke up, I was confused and thought that I had been that boy, Jesse. Maybe it was another life time? I’m not sure really. 

Freaky Cosmic Leader

I was working at the Chiropractor’s office in the USA.  Somehow it was my new job.  We were going over the schedule and it looked like I worked every day of the week. I was surprised that they worked on Saturdays and Sundays too! Yeesh! Since I was the newest person I go the worst shifts too.  Some days I had to be there at 7, but I took solace in the fact that it was only 8 our time.  Some shifts were only 4 hours.
There was an upstairs, and I was taking things up and down. I had to take a label or something to a patient room and I did. Then I was taking something else, and Heather, the girl who works there, told me I couldn’t.  She said we weren’t allowed to take anything anywhere, or even go in any room with out asking Dr. Bell. I was surprised because when I was just a patient there he seemed so nice and easy going, but he was really strict as a boss. I thought to myself that it was a good thing he hadn’t seen me go into a room without asking.  Yeesh.  Since I had to work every day, I thought I would have to quit my regular job. I wouldn’t have time to do both, and to take care of B.  I felt sorry my parents would have to find a replacement for me.  
My family came next. My dad, husband, daughter and maybe brother.  We all had an appointment with Dr. Bell. I wondered if it was okay for me to take my appointment still, even though I was working. A girl, Jessie who I used to work with, suddenly asked me if I wanted to take the “Korean Multi Culture Society” as my own patients. At first I thought that sounded really cool. But I realized they came with a very strange leader.
The leader, whose name was something like “Adam Debly” (?), had committed suicide and came back to Earth in 2 bodies. He wanted to experience life in two bodies to “cover more ground more quickly” or something like that.  His was a very dark story, and there was something about the Twilight Zone mixed in. Yikes. I decided I most definitely did NOT want them as my clients!
Too late.  They walked in.  The scary leader (who was actually only in one body) pinpointed me as the one he wanted. (It’s really hard to put the next “scene” into words. I remember exactly how it all felt and happened but it’s hard to explain, I will try though). 
So, he chose me, and from that second on I was completely controlled by him. He had zeroed in on me and there was no escaping. It was like he was really grumpy and really determined. I was at a cash register or something trying to buy some apple slices, when he stopped me. He thought I was disobeying or trying to escape, and I told him I wasn’t, and that I was very happy to be there, I was just buying apples (Kind of a lie. Definitely didn’t want to be there, and maybe I was trying to escape). 
I wondered why he was so grumpy. Wasn’t there some speck of emotion to him? Wasn’t there some little spark of humanity? I kept trying to find it. 
I had no free will, and the bond between is was very tight, close and freaky.  He took me through a door, and we were in outer space or something. It was all black, and I think there were stars or something.  Or cosmic lights. I dunno. There was his boss there. A female boss.  She was much scarier than him, and made him seem quite mild.  She said something about the deal he made when he came to Earth was to experience no pleasure at all. Which was why, I guess, he was always grumpy no matter what. 
We went back to Earth (?), and we were back in a big room. Like a warehouse kind of. Somehow we were floating around. Doing the splits in the air or something. I started to see the very first cracks of happiness or relaxation come over him. Somehow, he was letting a bit of humanity set in or something. He was kind of having fun floating around, and I was relieved (times a million) that there was hope. 

Teacher Teacher

It was morning and I was a teenager. I was at the house I grew up in. I thought I heard the school bus, and when I ran to the front door to open it, the bus was in my driveway! It was starting to pull away but I flagged it and said “Please wait a second!!”. Frankie, the bus driver said ok. (Wow! Usually he would just leave in my dreams).  I ran to my mom and asked for lunch money. She quickly pulled out $20 (but accidentally gave me $40). I grabbed it and ran. I picked up my shoes, grabbed my purse and flew out to the bus.
The bus was actually more like a small truck or something, or a mini van, with three rows.  The middle row was full, so I climbed into the front seat. I was oder than the other kids. I looked in my bag and there was a McDonald’s hamburger and fries. Shoot, why did I have this?  I didn’t want to eat it now for breakfast, but if I left it for lunch it would be cold and it would stink up my locker.
We arrived at the middle school where we would have to transfer onto another bus to go to the high school.  I wasn’t sure which bus to go on. I looked for my old bus driver Melvin, but I couldn’t find him. I just followed the other people from our first bus, and went to get on a different one.  It looked super full, but the driver let me on.  When I walked through the aisle, I saw there were actually lots of empty seats. 
As we drove, I remembered that I was a teacher and not a student! It was the first day of school, and I thought about how I didn’t have anything prepared yet, I didn’t even know where or who I was teaching.  It was normal though so I wasn’t too worried. I would get into the room and wing it. I thought “Is this my first time teaching full time?” I knew I had taught before, but realized it was my first time being a home room teacher.  
I thought how lucky I must be to get a full time job. Wait. I didn’t have a teacher’s degree.  Were they just desperate? Would I have to tell them? Or would they realize halfway through the year and then fire me?  Then I realized that I was qualified to teach K-8.  But.. we were heading to High School. Oh well, it would work itself out.  
I looked out the window and saw a friend, N.W. doing military exercises. He was really tall and now in charge of a lot of people below him. He was quite hard on them.  Just when they thought he was relaxing, he would throw them into the ground or something. They were all really tough though and benefiting from this.  

Volleyball Superstar

We were at a restaurant, my husband, family and I. I looked up to see our friend H.L. there.  He had been living in another country for almost a year and I was so surprised and excited to see him there! I pointed at him and said to my husband “Look! He’s home!” He had a look on his face like he was really happy, and it was almost sheepish, like he had been waiting to surprise us.
I ran over and hugged him so tight. I was sooo happy to see him.  He sat down with us and we started to talk. Someone came to my table and told me that someone wanted to talk to me at another table in another room. I got up and went to see. It was a bunch of girls from my high school. Girls I wasn’t really friends with. They wanted me to be on their Volleyball team.  Partly because they had heard that I had played volleyball in university (I didn’t really though) and partly because they needed another person to fill their team up to qualify to play.
I thought about it.  I was kind of honoured they wanted me to play, but didn’t want to make a fool of myself by not being good enough.  They told me that it would be convenient and I could ride with another person, but I told them it was actually quite out of my way, and told them I wouldn’t play.
I went back to my table and told H and my family what they had asked.  Then another person from another table asked to talk to me. THEY wanted me to play volleyball for their team too! I refused again, but by this time, I was looking like a really in demand athlete, and I was kind of proud of that, even though it wasn’t actually true.
Next, I found myself at a big soccer field.  The volleyball team was now a soccer team (but it wasn’t weird). I was running up the edge of the field for fun, when I realized they were playing already. I was wearing a red jersey. Shoot! I didn’t want any of them to see me, because they would wonder why I had come, especially when I had told them I couldn’t go.  Along the edge of the field was a big building, so I was actually running between the field and the building. I thought I could run around the other side of the building and not have to run back past their game. When I went around the corner, I saw it was all of hte boys from my high school playing there. Shoot! I would have to go back the other way. 
As I ran back, I knew that it would feel really good to be able to kick the soccer ball as I ran. But I didn’t want to play with those girls. I actually didn’t like them, and thought that they were trying to use me to be on their team but that they didn’t actually care about anyone but themselves.  

Backwards Rollercoaster

My husband and I were at some festival or something. We had gone on a roller coaster twice and it was pretty fun.  We went to go on a last time.  When we got there, it was full of older people (like 60s and 70s). The “conductor?” asked who wanted to sit in the front “caboose”.  We had never sat in the front, and we were kind of scared. But, they were the only seats left. So, we climbed in.  Before I had sat down, the ride started to move. AH! I sat down quickly and buckled up. I thought that it must not be very well regulated.  
The driver started driving backwards! AH!  I wondered if he did this because it would be more exciting for everyone. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep the “train” (is it a train now?) on the roller coaster track. I was freaked out, but we started going.
The driver had some kind of suicide mission now and didn’t care what happened to anyone. We flew off the tracks and landed in the middle of a HUGE busy highway. My husband and I started to run. I managed to get to the very middle of the road and prayed I wouldn’t get hit.  My husband got to the side of the road and yelled for me to run to him. The coast was clear, and somehow I ran as fast as I could and made it safely to him.
Next the scene changed.  I was coming up from stairs at my old middle school.  My friend M.M. suddenly walked by. I reached out to say hi, and he took my hand securely in his. He hugged me tight and kissed my cheek or forehead. He was so happy to see me, and I knew he would take care of me. He walked me confidently to the gym. He said I needed a break and he wanted to show me something fun to lift my spirits.  
When we got the the gym, people we knew were doing some type of musical production.  It was cheerful. M.M. was only about an inch taller than me in the dream, and I knew that he loved me very much. Another friend C.P. was there and he also loved me.  M.M. mentioned that he was born in 1992.  I was shocked. I couldn’t understand how he could be 8 years younger than me, but that we had been in the same class in school.  C.P. used this as a reason that I should love him instead of M.M. since M.M. was now too young for me.  M.M. took my face in his hands and very confidently told me that it was okay. He matured very quickly. Somehow this appeased me and I said I would keep him. I was quite happy.  
Next scene:
I was walking around looking for antiques to make crafts with or something. It seemed to be in my grandparents’ field in front of their house, but it was a “store” outside with items scattered around. I was wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans, and I was some type of outdoorsy hands-on type of girl.  I was carrying a couple of thing that I would buy, when I saw 2 old bikes. I asked if they were also for sale.  There were 2 young guys about my age, about 50 feet away who worked there. They kind of laughed and I think they told me to google it or something. They weren’t very helpful.   
I was looking at one bike, and suddenly I fell off the edge of the hill.  I was embarrassed and kind of sad. One of the guys ran over very quickly to help me. He jumped down to where I was and helped me up. I was shaking.  Partly I was scared and frightened, and partly I liked the help and attention so I made it seem worse than it was.  He held me and coddled me and took of his jacket to wrap me up.  He put my arms through the sleeves to keep me warm, and then hugged me to keep me safe. 
After reading this over, I realized that all three scenes dealt with me ending up safely.  Something was worrisome or troubling, but in the end I found myself safely secured.  Am I feeling unsafe right now? Hmm.  It did feel so nice all three times finding myself in safety.  

The Busy Shop

I wasn’t even going to write this dream down, because it was so mundane, but when I started telling my co-worker today, she looked a little freaked out because she had the same dream! (Obviosuly not the same details, especially the last part, but the general dream of the busy shop). The weird thing for me, this is the second time I’ve had a version of this dream in the last couple of weeks.  
I was at work, on the phone with a customer. (In real life I am the office manager for a Kitchen Design and Manufacturing Company).  The customer was D.P. a recent customer who I have spoken with on the phone, but I’ve never seen him.  He told me that he was ready to pick out countertops.  My parents (who are the business owners in real life) were away at the Home Show, but I told him he could come over anyway. He put the phone down or something, and his daughter came on.  She set the phone down too. I was waiting and waiting, finally I said “HELLO!!! Hellloooo!!!!!” and he came back to the phone.  I told him, and convinced him that he could come right over and I would help him. We have a large sample room, and I would be happy to help him start to make some decisions.
D.P. came to the showroom, and I started showing him around.  We were in one room (which is actually the lunch room), and I was showing him a large sample counter with a dark swirly marbly counter.  He really liked it, and I told him I did too. I said it was a nice change from the small-speckled-granite-looking ones. He agreed.  He wondered what edge he would go with. I told him the edge shown was the one Dad thought matched the best, but if he liked something better, he was free to make a change.  I told him that everything was included in the price. Not to worry about the little details because it was all included. I told him he could chose his handles and they would be included too.
I took D.P. out to the other showroom to show him edge styles.  I told him these ones were decorative edges, and showed him a few.  They were ones I had never seen! Scalloped and beautiful.  I brought him to the far end of the showroom and showed him a commercial edge. I told him that was what I had in my home because I liked the clean look. (I could see the impression he had of me then. Modern, clean and sleek. Which isn’t really how I am, but I liked that impression).  
As I showed him around the showroom, there were tonnes of people there! It was full! (This is what my co-worker dreamed too).  We were all out there, all of us showing people through the displays, and it was exciting. Business was booming, there were so many people there that everyone had to show someone around.  I was so happy.  It was actually really fun too.  
I went around the corner and saw J.B. a girl from university who I am no longer friends with.  I was kind of excited to see her, but didn’t want her to see me yet because I wanted to finish with my customer first. I heard her crying and knew she was drunk. So weird. I would get back to her after.
I kept on with D.P. I thought I should probably be writing down his decisions in his file. Hmm. Maybe I could remember everything he had picked out before. I thought I might forget something so I had better write it all down. 

Recent kitchen we custom designed and built here at the shop.

The White Night Sky

The first part of the dream (actually it wasn’t the first part, but now I forget what came before) was outside in the snow.  It was Japanese people (weird, I’ve dreamed of Japanese people three days in a row, and I don’t even know any Japanese people!). Anyhow, there was a guy laying in the snow with a little clicker thing in his hand. He was very blasé. He would push the button, and a person would fly over him through a trail and land on the ground. Every thing was covered in snow, and there was a snowmobile path that they would fall onto.  There were people snowmobiling all over the snow, and they kept getting stuck in thick fluffy snow, which was really deep, deeper than the height of a person.  
Next, my mom and I were at a thrift store. We were looking through things, and I picked out a couple of Pororo jammies for my daughter. I picked up something else but I forget what it was.  We were wandering around together, and we went over to the window.  We looked outside at the night sky and it was amazing. There were these big huge white marks on the sky. Almost like if you had a piece of black paper, poured some white paint on it, folder it in half and mooshed it around a little, then opened it back up.  It was amazing. There was a guy sitting in a chair behind us, and he said “what?”.  He thought I had said something to him, but I hadn’t.  Then he was embarrassed when I said I didn’t say anything. I joked and told him he must be crazy, which embarrassed him more, but he was able to joke after that.
For some reason we were talking about air planes.  I said that our air planes go straight up in the air, fly straight, and then go straight back down and land in California (I was remember that dream I had a while ago about the small plane to California, where we jumped out in parachutes). He asked me if we had low flying planes through the towns, and I said no. He said we must not live in the city.