Gone Fishin’

Okay, my mom, and daughter and I were living in a room/apartment with my friend, her husband, and two sons. There were four beds I think, for all of us. It was kind of weird, but we just went with it. Her husband went out of the room, and I thought she had gone too. I mentioned something about my friend being really fake, and it creeping out all of the people who she met. Suddenly I heard my friend say something non-related. I didn’t know she was still in the room! I had been worried maybe her husband had heard me say that, but then I realized I should be worried that SHE heard me! I was SO embarrassed…. I tried to cover myself by saying “I don’t think that though, I really like her”. I went over to the bed my mom was laying on and my mom whispered to me “Don’t worry, she didn’t hear anything”. I was so relieved but still uneasy about it.

Then, my mom and I decided to take her sons fishing. This part is a little blurry, but I asked my mom if she brought the boys’ life jackets and she said yes. Mom and I were waiting for a man to get our life jackets too. He brought them over, and my mom was mad because she thought the life jacket might not fit because she thought that it wasn’t the kind with the strings on the side. I told her not to be angry with him, he brought us what they have and it’s not his fault if they don’t have the one she wanted. It turned out it actually was the right kind and the life jackets were fine.



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