A Bike on a Bridge

Okay, I start to remember that I was riding a bike to school. Even though I had graduated high school the year before, I came back to do another year because I felt like I wasn’t ready for school to be over (I have this dream often). I’m usually kind of embarrassed, but also feel happy I could stay an extra year where I was comfortable.

I was driving my bike on a smooth road, and I took a right onto another road. I kind of thought it wasn’t the right road, but I kept going anyway. When I got to the end of the road, I saw the river, and knew that if I followed it north it would still come out at the same place, but I knew that that road would be a lot rougher, and narrower than the other road. I looked behind me and thought about going back the other way. I had already come so far, and I would have to ride uphill quite a bit to get back to where I was. My friend from middle school happened to be at that crossroad where I was and she said to continue on the road, it’s really fine, and not go back the other way. So I took her advice and rode that road. I turned up my gear on my bike, and started to peddle. It was a little hard at first going up the hill but it was ok. I saw my cousin Mitchell and he joined me, I told him that I had had a dream that this would happen, like déjà vu, and that we were on the right path. Before long, I came to the end of the road, where the bridge was. I drove through some kind of tourist bureau or something, and I saw Santa Clause there. He had a long white beard, and was wearing long red pajamas. That’s because it was the place that the kids came in the winter to see him, but they kept him there all year around to be authentic, and since it was summer, he only had to wear his long johns not his whole suit. I went through (on my bike) the front room , and my friend Nancy was there. I think I remember something about candy or something but I forget.

So, I got to the bridge, and looked in and noticed that there was a bike section. I was a bit scared to cross the bridge, as usual. There was my friend, Matt. And beside him was a guy that I knew with a nice smile. I told him I was going to school, he grabbed me around the neck in a kind of possessive way, and I was a little scared, and also nervous about being late, so I said, “You can come with me”. He wasn’t sure about that, but I said that he could use his new walking stick, so he thought he would come so he could try it out. So we started walking across the bridge. In front of me where three little girls (like 1-2 years old). They were so close to the edge of the bridge I was so scared they could fall off. They had no fear, so they couldn’t take care of themselves. I tried to hold on to them as best I could. I was dropping all of my jewelry of the bridge by mistake, it was slipping off of me. And the guy with me dropped his stick. I knew he was going to be so angry about it, I was nervous about his reaction. When we got across, I looked down and saw my jewelry and his stick on a rock, and he decided he had to go down and get it. (I was happy he didn’t make ME go get it). I thought about trying to escape then and run to school, but knew that he would probably catch me. And then I woke up and it was time to get up!



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