A Guide at School

I forget the first part now, but I went to school and when I went in, I knew I had to find my locker. I was in grade 12. I found a boy, he was black and think, a bit shorter than me, he said he was in grade 11, and I asked him if he could help me find it. He was so kind and smiling, and he took my hand and told me yes of course. So, we walked around, hand in hand, and I was so happy to be holding his hand and for his kindness, we found a teacher, maybe our teacher, but this teacher was not kind. He was blaming and gave no chances for an explanation, just blamed us and didn’t listen to why we were walking around looking for something. We felt it was very unfair that we didn’t have a chance to explain, but were just scolded. I’m not sure what happened after that.

I had another dream about Ryan Adams or something, I was with my old friend Matt, and I was asking him if he had watched the movie I had seen in real life the night before, and we just kind of talked about Ryan Adams or something, but I feel this was just a fragment from the night before, watching a movie before bed.


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