A Move to Korea

We were going to move back to Korea, we decided we had to. I told my husband that I could just get a job teaching full time at public school, and he said “No, no.. that’s too hard for you, too much work.” I said I don’t mind, it’s ok. And in the dream, I remembered some interviews I had had, but the weird thing was, these interviews were from dreams I had a couple of years ago. Anyway, I said we could live in the home provided by the school. He was hesitant, because likely they would be in buildings without security guards, but I said I didn’t mind about that. He was reluctant but agreed because financially it made more sense. Then I remembered that when we left Korea, we had left our apartment full of junk and a mess, and hated that we would have to go back to that. I thought about how hard it is to ship and pack everything to move, and thought maybe we would decide not to need as much as we currently think we need, and just pack what we actually do need, and live more simply. Then we were in the “old? New?) apartment, and I was trying to put up an air conditioner, that actually looked like a long heavy shelf kind of. The cool thing was, that it could be held up with suction cups, so I could do it myself. I wondered if it would be strong enough but realized it must be or they wouldn’t make it that way. So I suctioned it, and my husband helped me hold it up and attach it. I had to go around a corner with it, but it bent and fit right in place.

The End

I had another dream, but it’s really hard to remember. Something about being with my whole extended family, and being in a buffet line. There were French fries and I tried one and it was kind of undercooked and gross, but I got a few anyway just in case. Then I saw some other French fries that looked better, and a biscuit. I thought wow three things I liked, and I thought there wouldn’t be anything I liked. I can’t remember the rest tho!



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