Battling on the Stairs

I had another dream and I also just remember this fragment, but it scared me so bad that I could feel the fear running through my body when I suddenly woke up.

We were at the home where we grew up, my brother and I. I don’t remember how it came to this point, but there was a bad guy on the steps. He was trying to attack us, but I kept fighting him back. I would punch him, and hit him, with my body and weapons, but he kept coming up the stairs (he was on the basement steps, I was somehow on the next set of steps going up). I was trying to protect my brother and I (which is weird, he’s my older brother and would normally be the protector). I had a knife I think, or some sharp weapon, and I stabbed the bad guy in the throat, and hit his head, but nothing I could do could stop him. I thought he should at least be dead or maimed, but he kept coming. I was so terrified, and finally woke up, scared half to death.



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