Bee Museum

I was with an old friend from University, Carrie. She asked me if I wanted to go see some kind of Killer Bee thing, like at a museum, or some special event that was only on for a few days. It wasn’t something I would normally do, but I said “Yea! I wanna go!”, so we went to the museum. When we got there, there were all kinds of displays set up and I wasn’t scared, even though it was Killer Bees, because I knew it was a safe place. There was a machine there where you can put a penny in, and it smooshes the penny and it comes out with a picture on it. It was cool because they had all the change there so you could make it for free. Then there were these little wooden frames that you could put the penny in, and I thought it would make a nice gift. Carrie was getting hers in a frame, and writing on it, and I was just flipping through the frames, there were oval ones and square ones, and I liked the square ones best. I suddenly realized that they were quite expensive (I had thought they were free), so I put mine back and just kept the penny. I told Carrie about the price but she said she knew that, and wanted to buy it anyway. At the end of the table, there were plates of snacks with little honey bits, and even honeycomb! I wanted to try the honeycomb because I had heard it’s really good for your health.



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