Subtilties of Japan

We were in Japan. I’m not sure why or how we got there. It seemed like it was the next logical step after living in Korea, a lot of the people I knew from Jeju, my first year in Korea, were there in Japan too. I was trying to ask them if they could feel a significant difference in the atmosphere and ambiance of Japan, compare to Korea, but they didn’t really get it. I meant, like how even though Canada and the USA look quite the same, somehow there is a subtle difference as soon as you cross the border. Though it looks the same, you can feel different subtleties in the energy and surroundings. No one really got it, or could give me an answer. There were some Japanese people that I knew there. I liked being there, it was a fresh change, and it was nice. My husband and daughter were still there with me too. I know there was rain or water at one point but I can’t really remember.



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