Tai Chi in the Gym

I think were were at my old elementary school in the gym. I was taking some kind of course from an old Chinese man. I thought you had to wear Yoga clothes, but turned out you should wear office clothes, so I ended up in a highwaisted pencil skirt, and button down top. He had his hand on my back helping me stand up straight and breathe, I was facing the stage wall. Eventually other people came, I saw a guy from my high school Mike, and I held his hand for a minute, and told the rest of the people about the “dress code”. I think we were learning Tai Chi. When the time was up, everyone ran out, but I stayed behind. They had left all of their plates and dishes on the floor so I wanted to help clean up. Previously the old man had been grumpy and short, but when I started to help, he got happy. I said to him, the reason that I like to help is that I’m married to a Korean man, and being daughter in law, cleaning up the dishes is my job. He softened towards me then.



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