Three Wives

I’m not sure where we were, maybe on vacation. Somehow it was revealed, that my husband had two other wives, each with one daughter. I was so heartbroken and sad at the betrayal. He was a little too causal about it, I was so hurt. He had been living a lie! I tried to punch him in the face to show my emotions and anger, but since it was a dream, I couldn’t punch well. I tried to think back for signs, and wonder how it could have happened. He was home so much with me, how did he have time? I knew that there was only one night a week spent with the other wives, and I wondered how was that acceptable for them?! I asked them, did they know? And they both said yes! They didn’t seem to care either. I was the first wife, the main wife, and they were two others. I wondered if I had known, would I have been better with the situation? I felt so betrayed. To make matters worse, I needed someone to confide in but couldn’t find the right person. I found my university RA, and I wanted to tell her, but she was upset about her own issues and couldn’t listen. I didn’t want to tell my mom. I found a family friend and considered telling her. (Shannon). Meanwhile, at some point, tones of snakes were leaving the room. I wasn’t scared like usual, just surprised because they were carrying things out, including one of the other daughters who was riding a snake’s back. I thought “Is is possible to ride a snake’s back? Weird.”

In the morning, when I woke up, I was still feeling a bit hurt. When I went to the kitchen I gave my husband a dirty look and he said “What did I do?!” and I told him about my dream. He hugged me and said “Believe me, one wife is more than enough” haha.



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