Two Jobs & a Bear

We had moved to a new city (Like, maybe New York) from far away, and my husband (but not exactly Charles) and my brother I think, had come first. They had jobs already, and I was so lucky that I would be able to have work through their connection and their work too. My husband was working in a shop that specialized in foods with Beans in them (more like Asian beans, red bean pastries, and that type of thing). Something like “The Bean Restaurant” and the other place was another type of restaurant. I was so happy to be going to work even though I knew it would be tiring jobs. On my first day of work, I was leaving with my husband (an Asian man, who I loved, maybe he was an older brother, I really looked up to him). My first shift would be from 6pm-5:30am, but I was happy to be working. We started out, and we actually left from our old house that I grew up in. The snow was deep, so we waded through the snow, it would probably take about 20 minutes to walk to work. As we got to the end of the lawn, and were almost by the woods, people started yelling “RUN! Bear!”, I thought it was a joke first, but realized there was a bear in the woods, so I started running. Where could I go? The only hope was to run back to the house. I ran as fast as I could, with the bear on my tail. When I had almost got to the door, I threw my backpack to distract the bear. It worked for a second, but then he was after me again, with his paws around my arm, and ready to bite me. I threw my socks or something, and distracted him long enough to get in the door, and lock it. The bear was banging against the door, with his big teeth and mouth open. I saw my mom, and I was so scared. She said he couldn’t get in the door. Then I noticed my husband and brothers were still outside and needed in, so I unlocked the door to get them quickly in the house and locked it behind them. Then, the bean stopped, and it was actually my brother, Adam! He took of the bear mask, and said it was a first-day-of-work-joke. I was kind of mad, and was sort of pounding on my husband’s chest saying “Umph! How could you do that!” he thought I was so cute, pretending to be mad, so I wasn’t upset, I was happy to hug my husband and brothers and go to work that day. I woke up happy.



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