Jewelry Party Preparations

Ok, we were in our current home. I was getting ready for a jewelry party I was having; getting the house ready. In real life, our basement stairs are in the kitchen, and for safety reasons, we built a wooden flap over it (but it looks… not pretty). In my dream, my dad was making a new covering for me. He was covering the hole with sticks, but it looked really nice. Like, finished sticks, all in a row. Instead of having the whole flap lift up, he was making most of the sticks permanent, and then there would be a smaller flap to open, so it wouldn’t be so heavy. I liked it! When we looked at our house, it was a mansion, it was huge, and beautiful on a big mountain! Out the window, I could see my brother’s house, on the same mountain. (I think we were the only ones on this mountain) He also had a beautiful mansion, made from stone I believe and huge windows! I could see his wife through the window and though that we hadn’t even been down to see their house yet! Both of our homes had been gifts from my parents, and we knew we were so very lucky to have them. We were so happy and grateful.

Moving on, it was almost time for the party, and my family had come for supper. We had a nice big table in the kitchen (which we don’t have), over the flap. It was all of the women in my family, aunts, and grammies, and Mom. I had prepared a nice supper for us, I made roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables. I was surprised when I realized that I had made the whole meal myself! My Grammie R had brought tomatoes, and I thought that was nice of her to bring; she didn’t have to bring anything, but it was so thoughtful of her to do that. We were all eating, and my Aunt M was brushing a graham cracker on her nose. I thought it was weird and asked her if she’d like some powder. She said her nose had been red, so she was just trying to cover it up but didn’t know how! Then we started talking about Graham crackers, we were all eating them now. M said she’d never seen them before, and I said I used to love them as a bed time snack, with cheese whiz on them. Gram R said she did too. I thought I liked them because they were almost like a cookie.

After supper, our neighbor S walked by and I asked her if she would come to my party. She said No and she seemed a bit upset about it. I tried to say that she didn’t have to buy anything, but that we would love to see her and her daughter, and that my daughter, Bee would love to see her daughter too. She was really irritated and forceful and I felt embarrassed and a little hurt. She then said she was going to the lake to go kayaking. I thought it was weird she would refuse our party and then go use our kayaks! But then she said that the weekend was a precious time for her because it was the only time she could spend with her daughter, so I started to understand.

The End

I also saw my Grampy W in my dream last night. I don’t really remember well, but he was walking in his living room, like he was coming out to have supper. Like usual in my dream, I knew it was odd that I could see him, but I was so happy, and I wanted to run to him. It’s been four years this month since he’s passed, and I miss him so much.


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