Airplane VIP

We were on an airplane, coming home from vacation. My husband had a friend who travelled regularly for business, and had built up a lot of points or something to a special VIP level. That meant that he had a really special VIP service/room on the airplane. In order to keep his VIP status, he had to fly every weekend with it, or he would lose it. So, to help him out, Charles, my husband, said he would use it for him (How nice of him!). So, we got on the plane, and it was so nice! There was only space for one person in it (although it was big enough to fit 10!). I was hoping they would seat me in a normal seat next to him anyway, so we could be together. I felt like my husband would offer me the VIP, I knew he wouldn’t let me sit in the regular seat, while he was in the VIP, so I tried to be a nice wife and sit happily in the regular seat. I really didn’t mind though.

So, the VIP seat was really cool. It was actually more like a spacious room at the end of the airplane. Well, the size of a large bathroom probably. The seat was neat, it was leather and it was a swivel chair, kind of like a barstool, on a metal post, with a back. It was grey weather. Charles liked that, he sat in it and swiveled around. He was the only one on the plane who could use the VIP, so the whole flight was sort of dedicated to him. He was the leader of the flight sort of. I was getting really annoyed with the flight attendant because she was basically throwing herself at my hubby. I said “Back of my husband, you floozy!”. That is so not something I would normally say! I wasn’t THAT mad, because I knew my husband was enjoying the special treatment, but I thought I should make it known that I was his wife and he wasn’t just a single, rich guy.

Anyway, we arrived at the airport, and got off the plane. I know something else happened after that. I kind of remember seeing my family there and being hugged. I know there is another big dream just on the surface that I will probably remember soon.



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