Whale Back Riding

My husband and I were swimming in the ocean, and we had gone very far out.  We could still see the land, but it would take quite a while to get back. I told him I thought I’d head back now, and started to swim.  As I swam, I swam over these lighter coloured spots in the water, that sort of looked the way water looks when there is sand right beneath it, not as deep at all.  I swam over a couple and my husband said “Did you know, those are actually…” and at the same time, I thought “Whales”.  At that moment, a big and beautiful whale rose up beneath me, so that I was on it’s back. It felt slippery and smooth, and he was carrying me. I was happy because we would get to shore much more quickly. I couldn’t believe my luck to be riding on the back of an amazing whale! I was closer to the tail end of it, but felt secure. At first I thought I may slip off, but when we started to swim, I knew I wouldn’t.  When we had almost got to shore, the whale suddenly decided to take me down to the bottom of the ocean.  We went down so fast, and so deep, I thought “I can’t breathe under water” and tried to hold my breath, I heard my husband call out “Honey, you have to come up! It’s not safe doing that!”, and the whale brought me back up to the surface.  It was SO cool.   My husband took a picture of me on the whale’s back, and a short video too.  I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.  What a good feeling I had from this dream.


That part of the dream ended, and the feeling shifted a bit to the next part…

When I found my mom and my relatives, I told them, and they mentioned that they had ridden on a whale’s back before on vacation.  I was a little disappointed because I thought I was the only one who had done it, but I was still so excited with my experience.  The dream went dreamy and weird after that, trying to find which place in Florida to visit.  We looked at the map, (It wasn’t really Florida on the map, it was more like an island, like Cuba), and thought we might go to the far North East side, but we said, that’s way too far from Orlando.  Then we realized that the area we were in at the moment, was actually about the same distance so it wasn’t much further than Orlando from the point we were at, if we took another route.

I had a lot more dreams last night, but the Whale one was so cool, so I focused on clearly remembering that one. Thanks to my angels for helping me remember!


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