Where’s Bekah?

I was watching a video that my friend Bekah had posted online.  It was unusual because it was a video of her 2 brothers getting in trouble!  They had been out to a party and come home a bit tipsy and their mom was so mad!  Anyway, so they apologized to her, and planned to go work in the grocery store that the family owned (I think I made that part up).  I somehow decided to surprise Bekah with a visit to Australia, so I jumped into the video!  Just in time to see her brothers walk past, both carrying plants, that were so fresh they still were covered in garden dirt, to the store.  I went into the store, and wandered around looking for Bekah, but I couldn’t find her anywhere! I couldn’t wait to surprise her!  Finally, I asked someone if they knew where Bekah was and she said “Yep! I’ll take you!”  We went up a set of spiral stairs to where about 6 or 7 girls were studying.  I looked all around but none of them were Bekah.  Hmmm.  I said sorry, and returned down the stairs.  I sat on the bottom step, thinking about what to do, when I felt something hit my head. It was a tack!  Several more tacks were hitting my head and falling around me, and I knew the girls upstairs were throwing them at me, because I was an outsider.  I ran back into the grocery store for shelter, and was careful not to step on any tacks along the way.  I went up and down every aisle looking for my friend.  Finally I sat down at the edge of the store.  I thought, if I can find a picture of Bekah on my phone, everyone would know who she was!  I could only find 2 photos, they were both pencil sketches that hardly looked like her.   Finally, a girl came over to me and said that I could sleep in her barn that night because it would be “mighty cold” and I would need the shelter.  I was very grateful for that!  She was trying to rally a few more people to be kind to me.

The End!




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