Pink Horses & Dolly Parton

Okay, this dream is so weird, and fragmented that I thought about not posting it, but then I thought “what the heck”, so I’ll try to get it all down!

The first part of the dream, my mom and I were laying on the couch in our old house, in the TV room.  I realized that for the first time in a long time, I would have a whole night to myself.  I decided to go down to my room and relax and read and book, ect., and enjoy my alone time.  So, I said good night to my mom, and went down.  There was a little bathroom downstairs, and I decided to use the bathroom first, I started to push the door open and suddenly it pushed back at me. and that freaked me out.  So I turned around and started to run back upstairs.  The tie to my bathrobe had fallen under the crack on the door, and when I pulled it, I realized that whoever was in the bathroom was holding onto it.  I just kept running up the stairs, but they didn’t let go, eventually I left the bathrobe behind, and ran into the upstairs bathroom and locked the door.   I stayed in the bathroom a while until I wasn’t scared anymore, and then ran to the TV room with my mom.

Now it was time to leave, so mom, and I , and my husband, Charles, went outside to catch the train.  Mom and I hopped on this train (whith all open carts, nothing was enclosed.  I realized that Charles didn’t get on the train, and looked back; he was looking around at another train behind us, so I yelled “Honey!”, he heard me and started running really fast to try to get us.  It was obvious he wouldn’t be able to catch us, so he gave up and I knew he would get the next train, and meet us there.

When we arrived, I was sitting on some kind of cart and wagon, and I was about to jump down.  Honey Boo Boo and her Mom were there.  I saw a whole bunch of pink horses start to walk by on the road, so pretty with crowns on them I think, and I told honey Boo Boo because I knew she’d love them too. She did.  Then we were going to my cousin’s E’s wedding.  We all had kind of filed in, and my friend Lisa was there.  I had her on my back, and there was a big trap door beside us.  I was scared she would fall down in it and hurt herself again (In Uni, she broke her back).  There were cool little animals, a little Husky/Otter mix. And some other little pups.  She said she was scared but I thought that was weird because I knew she loved dogs.

Anyway, so we all sat down, and suddenly, this guy ran through the gazebo and jumped through the woods and trees behind us!  Then a moment later, two police ran through and said “Did a fella just jump through here?”.  We kind of felt like we should be loyal to that other guy, but we just said “Uhhh maybe?”.

So, we were really excited because Dolly Parton was going to do a private show just for our family, sitting down in a circle in the gazebo with us! WOW! So excited, we were.  We told E what an amazing idea it was.  After a bit, I realized that I had missed the concert because I had to take my baby, Bee, back to the hotel to sleep. I was sad, but oh well.

Then everything was said and done, we had to clean up the area.  There were these blue marks, like from markers on all of the table.  I was just sitting there not really thinking, and i was kind of making blue marks too with my thumb nail, when E said we had to clean them all up. I was embarrassed because it looked like I had made them all, because I was making some now.  So, I jumped up and said that with soap they would come off easily.  So E squirted dish soap on the table, and I put some water from a little bottle, and used a chalk board eraser to scrub them off. They came off pretty good.  I went around to all of the tables to wash them.  When I came to my own family’s table, I was getting a little annoyed because they didn’t really help me, just let me clean them.

Then I woke up!



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