Filipino Aisle

I was at the superstore, and I went down an aisle, and it was full of Filipino food and people! It was like vendors set up all in a row in one aisle selling Filipino food, and it was full of people.  I thought it was really exciting! A lot of the people were from my old church in Korea, so I was happy to see them.  My friend Jamie had come back from Toronto for a visit, and I couldn’t wait to take her there to try the food.  When we got there, we turned down the aisle, and it was completely empty.  I was so disappointed! I saw one Filipino man, named Don, and I asked him what had happened.  He said that the Superstore had made them all leave, because too many people were coming in, talking to their friends and family there, socializing ect.  He said that they were going to have a court date to appeal it soon.

I was so upset for them.  I tried to help them come up with ideas for defense, and suggestions:  Couldn’t they see that this feature made people choose SS instead of Sobeys?  It offered something different?  Could they put a sign that said no loitering?  Or offer admission to the area with tables and chairs for them to socialize, after they have bought a meal/drink, ect?

Don and his friend were really happy I would be helping them.  I was supposed to go back home soon, Charles would be home around 4.  I looked at my watch and it was only about 1:30, I was surprised about that.  Anyway so we started working together. I thought Charles might be a little annoyed but thought I really needed to help them.

So it was time for court. We all went in, and there were even people from my elementary school.  The judge wanted to hear our opinions.

I heard people telling them how much of a difference it made with their grandfathers had passed, and that they had this space to go to ect.  The judge was crying from the heart wrenching stories.  I was trying to formulate my story to have the most impact.  Then I heard Don’s friend say something about how they were using me to get my statement, and that I didn’t even know it.  At that moment, I got up and walked out. I had been foolish.  Don ran after me, and wanted to explain or apologize, but it was too late. I already knew.filipinorecipes-fooddelicacies[1]



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