An Airplane Ride with Psychics

I was checking in at the airport.  I was with a friend, but I can’t think of who it was. Agh.. I barely can remember anything about this dream.  Something about our fingers.  Or finger prints?  Anyway, so we got checked in, and went through, and now, My hubby and I and our daughter, Bee, were on the plane.  My husband was grumbling about how the plane had been full of psychics, and he couldn’t get any rest because he had cut his finger earlier, and all of the psychics had picked up on it and they were all channeling about his finger.  I suddenly remembered there are been an intuitive convention of some type that weekend, and that I had wanted to go, but we decided to go to an event with our daughter instead.  That was the reason the plane was full of psychics.  The psychics all kind of chuckled at that.  It was a short distance flight, going from our capital city to our home (about an hour’s drive).  It was neat, and convenient that we could take a plane for such a short distance. 


Ok, I JUST remembered another part of my dream.  I knew there was something about a psychic but I couldn’t remember what.


So I was at a table.  There was a guy talking and asking questions, sort of like an interview.  At first, I think I was an older black man, probably in the 70s.  Someone asked me about if I used Marijuana or … something else?  Like cocaine or something?  Anyway I said no, and I said especially not, because I have this baby (and then I was me again, with my daughter Bee on my lap).  So then things shifted again.  I was at a table, with Dr. Pat from the Dr. Pat Show, and Bobae was on my lap, and there was this little man, really short like 3 feet tall probably, and he had a deck of cards.  He was shuffling them, and he shuffled them really quickly and neatly (not like me with cards hanging out the sides, and fumbly).  Anyway Dr. Pat had an ace, a black one.  And I pulled a card very similar to hers, and she laughed and smiled and said something like “how cool is that!”, and then the little man gave me another card, and again it was in the same family, like an Ace or something.  It was neat and I knew it had a spiritual meaning, and that I should remember it.  So, it was time for sleep, and Dr. Pat went to sleep (at the table, but laying down).  So I started to go to sleep too, with Bee in my arms.  Somehow she had shifted to some kind of inanimate object like a dish or something, but she was still my baby.  That little man woke up (or had never gone to sleep?), and he was violent and trying to get at us.  He didn’t like that Bee was weird like she was.  I was yelling for Dr. Pat to wake up, hitting her head trying to get her to wake up but no luck.  The little man kept jumping and coming at us.  I told him not to react to us that way, just because Bee was different; she was still a person, and I loved her very much. But, he kept coming at us.  Finally I realized, somehow that what he was trying to do, was integrate himself, with her.  That there was some combination that needed to happen and meld together.  So, I ended up trying to smash this ceramic dish (which was now HIM), on my sweet girl’s head.  I wasn’t doing it out of any negative place, the melding together was going to be positive, but while I was doing it, I felt so horrified that I could hurt her precious forehead by hitting it like that.  Then, snap, both had combined, and all was well.



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