Monkey Trail

We went shopping, my mom, sister in law, H, and I.  It was a big store, with garden supplies, house ware, ect, and there was one little section of Old Navy.  The section was about the size of half my living room.  I went through the clothes, and I found two really pretty shirts.  One was green-blue and had layers of subtle ruffles, cut at a diagonal angle, it was really pretty and I knew it would be flattering. I can’t remember what the other one was, but along the same lines.  I gave them to my mom to carry, and thought how nice it was that she would always carry my clothes for me.  H was looking for maternity clothes but there weren’t many there. I thought that the section was really small and wondered where the rest of the clothes were.  I stepped out to look around and it was a huge store, but no textiles, except that section. 

So, after shopping, I took my parcel of clothes, and got in my car to drive home.  I drove and I wanted to go get gas.  I pulled into an old gas station that used to be open near our home. (It’s been out of business for years now, but we went there often when I was a kid).   I pulled up to the pump and got gas.  Shortly after, my mom called me.  She said that the guy from the store called and said that I pulled in there so fast, and then spun out really fast too! I was so surprised and said “No I didn’t!” I was also thinking, why/how did he call my mom??  I tried to think about how it happened, and remembered that when I first pulled into the station, the car was in the wrong position, so I drove out in a loop and re parked to make the car fit at the pump better, but I definitely didn’t spin the tires, or pull out too fast.  I was a bit annoyed that he had said that.  I also wondered if I had used my mom’s credit card instead of my own and if a message had been sent to her to alert her of a charge, and was that why the guy called my mom?


Monkey Trail

I don’t remember this dream completely. But, I was working in the fields in Koera, out back of Anseong, past the road that goes to Herb Village. I had left and was coming back again to work.  I was driving by myself, so I was trying hard to remember where to go.  As I was on the highway, I suddenly saw the road I should go on, and turned in quick, almost missing it.  It was just a dirt road, with maybe a small sign on it, but definitely not a large road sign.  I started driving, and briefly I thought I might get stuck (it was wet and mucky), but knew that I had a big car with big tires that would get me through.  I wasn’t sure, most of the time,  if I was on the right path or not, but I would see little hints and recognitions (like a bend in the road, familiar fields)  that told me I was. I even thought I saw the sign for herb village once, and knew I was on the right track after I saw that sign. 

To get to the field from the “main road”, there was a wooded foot path I would have to go on.  For some reason, I had stilts or crutches or something I was using to get around the mud.  I walked in and was walking through the path, when suddenly I saw a little brown monkey!  The monkey looked at me and ran back into the woods! I was racking my brain thinking “are there monkeys in Korea?! Are they dangerous?!” then out came the monkey, with another monkey, this one was a little white monkey! It really startled me and I started to worry, so I went back to the clearing by the road, where my husband was. I wanted him to come with me through the path because I was frightened, and I told him he should bring the crutches too because we might need them. 

The End.


Okay there were a few fragmented pieces I can remember.  Not really whole dreams.


My husband and I had gone to some kind of day care, and we were were talking to the teacher.  There were three little kids there, and they were so cute.  They were all black and so was the teacher.  The teacher was glad we were there because she had to go to the bathroom or something and needed us to watch the kids.  I was so happy to do it.  The littlest one was just a little baby and my husband and I were excited to hold him.  The director said it was ok for us to stay there, because we were the kids neighbours, and knew them.  Then they remembered that I used to work at the daycare, so I was qualified.  Then we were making invitations, and trying to remember the names or our friends kids. That’s it.


The other Fragment:  Sofia Vergara was trying to teach me how to walk in high heels and look cool.  At first I was doing it REALLY weird, and eventually I figured it out and people thought it was much better.  I was in a bedroom, and Charles and Bee sat on the floor watching, as I walked back and forth in my heels, getting better and better each time.  Charles mentioned that it was the same technique that my friend Amy had learned in Korea.



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