Up On Your Tippy Toes

Last night before bed, I set the intention to remember my dreams.  We’re in luck!

Bee and I had just arrived in Calgary.  It was beautiful outside, and I couldn’t wait to go out and take a walk.  I updated my facebook status to say “We’re in Calgary!”  Earlier, I had noticed another friend’s status to say that she would be arriving in Calgary soon, so I also commented that we’d be there too.  I looked out the window and I could see bright and clear roads to walk on.  I was happy. I think my husband would be starting work there.  Bee and I started to decide what we would wear that day.  I looked through our clothes and tried on a few things before deciding what to wear.  Fast forward:

I was at work, at my current job.  Something was strange, my Grammie U, (who had a massive stroke last fall, and is in the hospital now, very disoriented), was working there!  She had come “back” to work, although she had never worked there before.  She was in my cubicle, but there were no walls on my cubicle now, rather there were half walls, that went up to about waist level.  She was answering the phones, and I could feel that she wasn’t completely well again, but she was so happy to be independent and back in the swing of things.  She was smiling and lively.  When she answered the phone, I could hear a man ask her how she was and she replied “Better never.  Better never”.  She had meant to say “Never better” but just couldn’t get it out right.   She was a little frustrated but laughed it off.  This whole situation alarmed me, and I sent a message to my aunt B, my grammie’s sister, who also works here in my office.  I told her I would come down to talk to her.  When I got almost to aunt B’s desk, she stepped out and went into a meeting in another office.  I was a little embarrassed, thinking she was mad at me for not helping more, so I snuck back to my desk and sent her a message that said I had come over, but she was busy.

Fast forward again, and I was walking in the mall.  I think I was trying to get back to my desk.  I looked around at the shops, and it was cool because they were all neat healthy shops.  There was one shop that was called “Organic grocery” and the entire supermarket was organic food and products.  I thought to myself “That’s so cool! You must have to live in a big city to have one of those.  I bet it wouldn’t be too much more expensive to shop there, and the pay off would be big”. 

I was standing around the mall, I can’t remember what was going on, but we were all doing something or watching something.  There were three little girls around me, and I asked them if they could stand on their toes like ballerinas. I got up on the tips of my toes to show them.  They thought it was cool, and they tried too.  One of the little girls climbed up on my back as I was leaning over to watch what we were watching.  Suddenly I thought she might fall, so I made her get back down.

Now it was time to go home, but we were in Grand Falls now.  We were taking Grammie U home with us.  Getting her in the car. Mom and Dad were driving the car, actually van.  Charles and I were in another car, and we had to drive around a little block to come back and meet mom and dad to go with them. We were driving and talking and we missed the road to loop back around.  I told him we missed the road, and we were heading towards the bridge.  We pulled over and then I said “Hey! Why don’t we just use this time for ourselves, and just travel alone this time?” We were glad to think of that, and used the mistake as a positive.

Then I was home, in my old house, that I grew up in. I was sitting at the table with my cousin, J.  We were talking about home parties and which ones were the best to have.  I said I LOVE Stella & Dot (www.stelladot.com/karenslee),  and not only because I sell it.  We went through a couple of other types, pampered chef, gold canyon, scentsy, mary kay, but couldn’t remember many. She said she had had a party, but instead of having it at home, she had it in Grand Falls because her friend Anna worked there and she wanted it to be near her friend’s work.  She said she was disappointed because she had only had 1 person come, and didn’t sell much. I told her she should have had it at her home instead. (Wasn’t that obvious?)


Here is another dream I had last night.  There were a lot more details the first time I woke up.  It was earlier in the night probably around 3am.  The previous dream was closer to the end of the night.

My cousin in Alberta was sick.  She had a skin rash that was really itchy and wouldn’t go away.  The doctor had given her medicine for it.  I had something that I wanted to send her, a natural product that I thought would clear up her rash.  My parents were going to visit their family, so I sent it with my mom and dad.  When they got there, they gave her the cream I had sent, and said that it had totally worked!  And furthermore, when they looked into the ingredients, they found they were the exact things that were recommended for that type of rash. I saw into the house, and my uncle T was there.  My cousin Leah’s friend was over for the night.  Tim said he’d been singing her in and out of sleep.  He would sing and she would fall asleep, then she’d wake up and he’d sing again, and she would fall asleep again.  I thought that was funny.  We all went in the car for a drive, but I can’t remember where we were going or what happened after that.



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