Red Light Ticket

We were at my Grammie R’s house, and it was her birthday.  My cousins L and C were there, as well as my aunt M.  My cousins gave Grammie a really cool present.  It was a pampered chef gift card with a little catalogue that she could pick out anything she wanted from. I thought that was so neat!  I remembered a time when I was younger and my aunt V gave me a little jewelry book, and I could pick any piece from it for my Christmas present.  Eventually I chose an amethyst necklace.

We were discussing my cousin E’s wedding, and they decided that for the next 10 (I believe) weeks, they would get married every weekend in Cuba, (that’s where they got married this spring), and we would all take turns attending either in person, or via the internet, a weekend wedding.

I left Gram’s house, and I was driving through the streets when my cousin E called me.  She was talking about the weddings and checking if I would like to attend the first one, and she said there was no pressure at all, ect, but she just needed to get numbers.  I told her sorry I was busy that weekend, but I had to go, because I was driving.  During the conversation, I went through two red lights, and I was swerving all over the place!  Luckily there were no cars at the intersection but I felt really nervous and out of control!  Eventually I made a left turn and went down a little hill to an apartment building parking lot.  When I turned, there was a lady police officer on the corner, talking to someone.  I took a few minutes to calm down, before I started to drive again.  I was worried because I had lost my wallet (in real life, I lost my wallet a couple of weeks ago, that contained my driver’s license, and last night I asked for a dream to help me locate it) and didn’t want the police officer to ask me for my license.  So I started back up the hill, which was covered in ice!  I pushed the gas pedal and it slowly went up the hill, I was kind of pushing the car at the same time, and thinking :”You can do it!!” and I got to the top of the hill.  When I got there, the lady police officer flagged me down.  She came over and she was very pleasant, but said that there was a man officer in town, and he said I had gone through a red light, so I would get a ticket.  I said yes sorry, I knew that, I didn’t mean to , but okay.  She gave me a ticket that was about $92 (I think), she said I’m lucky because he gave me the minimum fine, and nothing extra. Phewf.

large_red light


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