Alien Cafe

We were in our house, having breakfast I think, and a whole bunch of boys came in.  One came and hugged me, and he was so tall, that I only came up to his waist.  Or maybe I was so small?  Anyway, it was morning and almost time for my husband to leave, he was going to Halifax for a trip.  I looked out the window and I saw him mowing the lawn- with no shirt on! I thought that was really weird but thought it must be very hot out already.  I went outside with my mom to see him.  He was doing a quick job because he wanted to get it done before he left.  We noticed a piece in the back that he hadn’t done yet, and mom started to say that he could just leave that piece this time since no one would see it, but then she said he might as well do it.  I could tell he wasn’t happy about mowing the lawn but felt like he should to take care of things before he went on vacation.  I thought “Wow he’s almost done, that was fast!”, and then I looked and realized there was quite a bit more to do.

Then my friend and I were going out to enjoy ourselves, it was actually Dr. Pat again from transformation talk radio!  She brought me to this little café/club place on the second floor of a building, on a street with several buildings, in a down town.  It was quite dark in there, with music playing and lots of people.  She sat down in a chair, and I sat almost on top of her. She said “What are you doing?! I brought you here to mingle! Go mingle!”. I was nervous about that but then thought “Oh what the heck”, so I got up and started walking around.  There were a lot of hipster type and hippie type people there. I wove around the people and stood in a spot a bit awkwardly and knew someone would come talk to me.  Then a guy approached.  I think he had kind of a messy pony tail, or dreadlocks in a pony tail or something, a bit shorter than me.  At first I thought he smelled like onions (in my dream, I decided most hipsters smelled like onions), but when he started talking I realized the smell wasn’t him.  He said his name was “Safari”, hmm I thought that’s a funny name, his parents must have been hippies or something too.  He started to talk about projects he had, I forget what he was saying though!  He was pleasant and interesting, someone I could be friends with.  Suddenly I noticed a sign in the middle of the room.  It was dividing the room, and on the side I had wandered into, and had met Safari, it said “Aliens” with an arrow pointing to that direction.  On the other side, near the door where we came in, was a sign that said “Humans”.  That really freaked me out and suddenly I felt that I was in the wrong place! I dropped the conversation and ran to get Pat.  I grabbed her and we ran down the stairs to the side walk.  There was an alien that was following us.  This alien looked more like a small, round, green dinosaur, about three feet tall, and just as round.  It was spewing toxic green alien bubbles at us, and we tried not to get any on us.  I threw some stones at him, which I found in my pockets, and it kind of slowed him down a bit.  I threw another stone past him and hoped he would go chase it.  We got in our car, and the case was over.

We started driving down the road, trying to remember which was the way back home, that we had come.  We passed through town, and the street we had come on and kept driving.  We were now in the country side, driving down a long hill, with something special about it.  On the ground were pictures or something, stepping stones maybe, made of water (I can’t really explain this).  I said to Pat, “Are you sure this is the way we came? I don’t remember any of this country side”. She agreed it wasn’t the same way, but it was so beautiful that we decided to continue.  We were just about to check the GPS.  There was something about a route that had to do with my bosses work schedule.

The End.



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