Bride Surprise

I was out in the woods. I think I had just had a cool vampire dream that led to this dream,  but those details are a bit foggy.  My friend Matt called me and told me that I should call my friend Bruce’s manger, who was his mom, and tell her that their set time was too short and that we wanted them to play longer at the local bars so we could enjoy more of their music.  I said “Okay, I will”, but didn’t really think I would, because I actually didn’t care, and suddenly he patched me through to Bruce’s mom, so I HAD to tell her.  After I hung up the phone, we decided that we would walk back to the camp.  I think it was camp, like summer camp, or a resort, or something like that.  I realized I had bare feet and really didn’t want to walk bare foot through the woods.  I realized that I had a few pairs of old shoes in the little building we were standing in! Yay! So I put on some sandals- not the best for a hike through the woods, but much better than bare feet.  We (my hubby and I), were walking, and had just about come back to camp, when I saw my cousin E standing in the bath way.  Kind of at a V point, where two roads led to the same place, just with trees and grass in between, branching out a a V shape, leading to a craft hut.  She was wearing a wedding dress.  (In real life, she just got married.  She lives on the other side of the country, so our family here is always missing her).  I asked her what she was doing and she said she came home as a surprise!  She wanted to surprise everyone.  I said, okay, we have to hurry, I’m going to carry you.  I picked her up and started running with her, trying to get to the craft hut before our family, and trying to hide her at the same time, so they wouldn’t see.  I could see through the trees that my aunt, and grammie and the rest, were walking towards the hut, on the other side of the trees, so I ran fast, as fast as I could, carrying E.

We got to the hut, it was divided into two rooms.  One was a proper room with a door, and the other half was an open area supported by pillars, with tables and open seating.  I brought E into the small room, to get ready to surprise everyone.  I had her on the floor and was sitting in front of her, when my aunt M and Grammie R, opened the door, I told them “No, no, go out to the other room, there will be a surprise”.  I knew they were trying to guess the surprise, I was worried they might know before we had a chance to surprise them, but I also knew they wouldn’t guess.  Then my mom and dad came in the room. I was so mad! I was yelling “GET OUT!!! You’re going to RUIN THE SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  I don’t know why I was so angry, but I was.

Finally we knew everyone had arrived, I opened the door and said there was a surprise, and E came out.  Everyone was SO HAPPY!  My Grammie R said “It’s hard to surprise Grammie, but  I sure am!” and she had tears in her eyes.  E got on the rocking glider with Gram, and she turned into a little toddler, and Gram played with her.  They were playing a weird game where E would get behind her on the rocker and kind up jump up and down, and Gram would lay back and pretend to smoosh her.  I was worried because the rocker was old or something and it could tip over and I didn’t  want them to get hurt, so I ran to support them.



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