Paint for the Cabin

 I was in a cabin, at camp I think, but it was more like a home.  Four of my boy friends from elementary school were there and they were playing cards.  I wanted to play too, and I was really happy when they quickly let me play.  It was actually a game of solitaire.  There were pictures on the backs of the cards that I could choose from to begin with.  They were all pretty with flowers on them, and I chose one.  It was kind of like half of a square outline, like a corner, of flowers.  Anyway, I had to remember how to play.  I remembered, put the 7 on the 8, the 8 on the 9, ect.  I was slow, but no one bothered me about it.


We were sitting on a little single bed, and I said, “That’s really weird that 4 of you live here, but you only have one bed.  They should at LEAST give you a bunk bed”.  That way only 2 would have to sleep in one single bed.  We also thought the room should be painted to make it feel more welcoming.  So, we decided we would go buy some paint.  We all got up, and went outside.  There were two paint shops nearby: Benjamin Moore, and Marden’s.  We decided on going to Marden’s.  We waded through (the snow?), and went into Marden’s.  When we got in, I realized that I was with my Mom and my friend, and that the boys must have decided to go to Benjamin Moore instead. Oh well.  

Marden’s was quite small, just one room (Unlike the huge spot it actually is).  Mom and I looked at a few cute dresses when we walked in.  There were some pretty halter, cotton maxi dresses. I thought Mom should get one.  We wandered around looking at stuff, thinking about paint.  The cashier asked my mom if she had something they were looking for, something the store had run out of, and Mom said she would have to talk to her about it later.  I remembered I was looking for paint, and found a shelf with paint things on it.  There were only two cans of paint, both bright blue, and I knew they weren’t the right colour.  I thought “That’s a weird way to buy paint, don’t we usually look at paint chips first?”.  So, we left.  Bee was outside, carrying some paint, they had found the right one, and I was really happy to see her. I picked her up and walked up the hill together, towards the cabin.



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