Dream Clearing

Yesterday evening, I participated in a conscious repatterning call with Deborah Diane (www.consciousrepatterning.com) .  It was really amazing!  There were three of us on the call, plus her 2 co-hosts from her radio show.  Each of us had three relationships cleared.  What’s that mean?  Sometimes issues that we may or may not be aware of, in regards to relationships in our lives, past or present, can cause friction and other negative energies in our lives.  Those energies can get stuck in your body and cause illness, and difficulties.  Deborah has the ability to feel these blockages intuitively and help you release them.  It really was quite amazing!  Each person can select 3 relationships to be cleared, and in the case you’re not sure which ones to do, Deborah can intuitively tell you which places should be cleared for your best and highest good.  Anywho-  I could feel the energy leaving my body which was really cool, and I could feel immediate (seriously) change in at least one of the relationships that was cleared.  We also worked on a lot of soul issues, and Deborah, as well as Glen, felt that I had a soul burden which had caused me to struggle with maintaining a healthy weight.  They helped me release that burden as well. (Yahoo!).  I really recommend this to anyone, anywhere! So cool.

SO, what does this have to do with my dreams?  After I fell asleep, for about the first 4 hours of the night, my body continued to clear.  My dreams were a continuation of the clearing, I would awaken briefly and recognize myself still in the clearing.  Neat!

For another dream, much later in the night, my husband and I were in the kitchen of the home where I grew up.. We were taking care of 4 children, who belonged to my friend.  There wasn’t much food in the house, what could we feed them for lunch? I was looking for a box of kraft dinner or something, and I found easy mac, the little packets you put in the microwave and cook separately.  I found enough bowls for 6 of them.  Wait, 6?  I recounted and realized there were only 4. Phewf.  I looked at the packets and noticed that they had meat in them too, Easy mac with meat bits. Yuck.  But anyway, kids would like that.  The End.



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