Rune Necklace

Last night was a funny night for dreams.  I started out the first part of the night dreaming of angels. I wish so much that I could remember them! I would wake up, go over the dreams, and just as quickly, they would leave me. So strange. Usually when I replay my dreams, they will stick with me.  After that I had a mundane work dream, and finally in the morning, I had a dream that started out pretty normal, but ended up really quite interesting.  Although it took an extra 15 minutes to get to the good bit, and I slept in!

Okay, now here’s the dream that I didn’t mean to remember, but it had an interesting twist at the end.

It started out we were in a big place, like a shopping centre or a mall, I can’t remember exactly what was going on in the beginning, but I ended up in a big room, like a roller derby/circus/restaurant.  There was an exhibit that looked like a big white train coming towards us, but it would never really hit us, it still freaked me out a bit.  I was sitting beside this guy, he was quite “flamboyant”.  I knew that he was a bit sneaky, and that he was pretending to be upbeat and happy but that he might stab me in the back as soon as I turned around. When I had arrived, he had taken my purse and hung it up for me, which made me a bit nervous, but I just went with it.  I was just about to leave when he said “I’m going to buy you a big spaghetti and meat ball supper!” Shoot.  I said “Oh my gosh, thank you SO much, but I really have to leave! I really appreciate that though, thanks so much! Maybe next time?”.  I could tell he was angry, because it was spoiling some type of plan he had wanted to do, but he pretended not to be too mad.

Before leaving, I told all of these boys from my childhood that we would have a BBQ supper at my house, and to come over for the meal a bit later.  I was just looking for my car, when I realized that I had left my purse hanging in the other place. So, I walked all the way back.  Instead of going back in through the big room that I had come out of, I noticed there was a back door, so I just snuck in and grabbed my purse.  I was surprised, but pleased that the door wasn’t locked, and that it actually opened, and was so simple. Then I was heading back out to the parking lot to get my car.  My mom was with me now.  She was driving me around the parking lot looking for the car.  The weirdest thing was, someone had snow plowed and there were giant high snow banks covering all of the cars, so we weren’t able to see any of them!  We went around the other side of the row of cars, and saw that we could see the hoods of them all, so we would be able to find mine.  I saw a guy from work and said hi and that I was looking for my car. Mom asked me who he was and I said “I don’t really know, I see him every day at work but I don’t know his name.” Then I saw it! It was a grey leopard print car that matched my hand bag.  It was a beautiful car, and I was so happy to have it; I had won it as a prize from the jewelry company that I work for. So, I dug it all out and got ready to go.  Then we saw a lady, Shirley, who I used to work for.  She told us her daughter had won the same car, and then after that she won 25 million dollars! Wow! I thought to myself, she must have been using the power of positive thinking and manifestation! Good for her! I asked if she would buy the entire line of Stella & Dot and keep selling? And she said “no, no”. And I said “That’s what I would do!”.  I looked at the clock and it was 4:21, we had just eaten and I said to Mom “I don’t think we will have time for a BBQ, we just ate, maybe we should cancel it” and she said “Yea maybe we should”.

So, we were TRYING to leave, and we were driving away, but Shirley had attached to us somehow.  She kept saying “I just need to go here and there” and she would make us wait for her to go into shops and stuff, obviously using us for our car, and not being embarrassed at all. Finally I said “Sorry! We’re leaving!”, so Mom, and Bee and I started walking back down the hill we had just come up. I said “Wow, it’s so steep! I didn’t realize how steep it was when we were going up!” and Mom said yes it was quite steep coming up too.  We were almost at the bottom, I was carrying Bee (Who is almost 2), and at the bottom of the hill, there were some people playing a game.  They would throw something up the bottom of the steep concrete sidewalk, like a ball or a string or something? I was worried they were gang people or some weird group.  Their skin was dark brown, with black hair. Maybe Hispanic? I’m not sure.  I knew they would be kind, because Bee makes everyone be kind.  When we got to the bottom, there was an older man there.  His skin was covered in dark brown powder.  Maybe like a tribal make up? He seemed to be Indian, or Thai or something.  I knew that he was some kind of elder or shaman of a tribe or something.  When he saw Bee, he pointed at her and ran over.  He said “This child is special. I can see a rune (?) around her neck. The rune is a symbol that tells me she is a seer of spirits and the dead” I said “Oh! I think she can always see something that I can’t see”, and he said “Yes, this is her path”.  I wanted to mention that she is a life path 11, which usually signifies heightened intuitive abilities, but I thought he might not care about numerology.  Then he said that he could sell something like that (like what?), in his little shop, where he sells Tylenol. Ummm…

So, we left, and we looked around, there was an outside market, and I saw a pink blanket like the one my friend Yo gave me from Thailand. I thought “Oh, maybe this is a spiritual blanket too”.  There were other neat things like incense ect, and bells and things.

AND then I woke up and I was 15 minutes late! Whoopsy!



Work Dream:


Okay just a note about the work dream I had before that dream.  I was at work, there were four of us girls.  One of us found a paper that my boss L had written when we first started work.  He wrote that two of us were great workers, but that me and my friend Lori didn’t do anything but pay attention to each other. And I said “That’s because we haven’t seen each other in a long time!”.  I remembered that when I had started there (I was actually remembering another dream I had a few months ago of working there, not the actual time when I started) and that the computer things had been so complicated and I actually was really bad it it. Oh well, I shook it off.


Then I met my other “boss” R. He’s not actually my boss, I just do a lot of work for him, so I kind of consider him a little boss. Anyway, he had taken me to my office. I had a big office actually (In real life I have a cubicle).  He was cleaning up my office.  I was so embarrassed because there was dirt and crumbs everywhere. He was sweeping it up, and I was so mortified that he was there cleaning it.  Why hadn’t I cleaned it before?  He wasn’t angry though.  He seemed a bit melancholy and gentle, maybe disappointed, but he wasn’t angry and didn’t raise his voice, he just helped me clean it up. Thanks R!


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