Angel Therapy

On the weekends, I usually take a break from dream blogging but this dream popped up yesterday while my husband and I were driving to Mother’s Day dinner.  It’s not a whole dream, but more of a concept, so I wanted to record it.

I had been practicing communicating with angels.  I was starting to get quite good, but still not great.  I could ask the angels a question, and they would respond as I typed on the computer.  They would answer the questions and communicate through me typing letters.  My mom knew about this, and had told some people too, and people had seen me do it.  Suddenly, others were coming to me and asking me to help them and to do sessions for them as well.  Even my aunt D asked me to do a session for her.  On one hand, I was surprised and happy that people wanted me to help them, and I was so happy I could, but on the other hand I thought “I am SO not qualified to do this! I’m not good enough.” But my mom encouraged me, and said I could do it.  She said the first couple might seem awkward, but soon I would be really good at doing it.  The hardest part is starting.



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