Back to School

I had decided to go back to University, to SMU in Halifax.  When I got there, I realized I hadn’t even decided what I was going to take, and hadn’t registered for classes or anything.  I knew I would have to register the next morning when school started.  WouId just walk around and see what classes I wanted to take?  Was this a 4 year degree”? I should have taken a 1 year degree to be able to see the end in near! I was feeling so sad about leaving Bee behind. I would see her maybe once a week.  How could I do that? I didn’t want to leave her, but had to for our future.  Was I being selfish?

I went to meet my friend M in his room, where a couple other friends were too.  I was glad to see him!  Another friend beside me said she could see his room as soon as we landed in Halifax (on a plane?) because of a lit up sign that said “LOVE”.  I said I had sent him a message on facebook or something and he said he doesn’t use that any more.  Anyway we sat around talking for a while, and then I decided to go back to my room.  I told him that I was in my old room, that I had last time, and to come visit later.

I got back to my room, and the door was open.  When I went in, there were these other teenage students there! They were having a party or something in my room.  I knew I had been gone a long time, they had probably claimed it as their own now, but it was still my room. “Hey kids, get out of my room! Go on out now!”, so they went out. There were a couple more, and I shooed them out too.  I closed and locked the door, but had this feeling that someone was still in there.  I looked around, looked in the bathtub (weird, a bathtub in a dorm room?), and then I turned around quick and there was a guy there, with a gun or a knife. No wait, I think they were scissors?  He was small, skinny, shorter than me.  He had black hair.  He said “Do everything that I say. Don’t move” (Or something along those lines”.  I said Okay.  Then I grabbed the scissors, and picked him up.  I was like “You’ll be sorry now”.  I was going to bring him to M’s room, because our friend C, who was tough, and in the military, was there too.  I walked to Matt’s, and I realized as I was going that I was on floor 12, not 14, and that he would probably never find my room since I said I was in my old room. M was on floor 13.  When I almost go to his room, I saw my old friend B and her family, going in to visit. I was embarrassed, and turned back around.  The End.



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