Casual Bride

In my dream, my husband and I were getting married again.  Was it renewing vows? I think it was.  We were in the church where I grew up.  We weren’t wearing big fancy outfits, but more subdued formal wear.  It was just about time to go up to the front, but it was more casual than a regular wedding.  When we got to the front, I was looking around at my family.  I started to feel guilty, that I made my family come out to another event for me.  Wasn’t I being selfish, to expect them to keep coming to weddings, birthdays, showers?  But we were already in the middle of it, so we couldn’t really stop it.  My aunt B and her daughter were in the pews watching, and no one was angry or annoyed, but I was feeling sorry for dragging them all there.  When the ceremony was over, aunt B and her daughter, got up to leave, saying they had to go now.  I hoped they would be able to stay for refreshments, but knew that they had just come out of duty, and hadn’t really wanted to be there.

That’s all I really remember about that dream.  It kind of blended with another dream where there were pictures taken of all of the guests in front of a cake, and I ended up in the front of a lot of pictures, blurry, not realizing my photo was being taken.  I had short red hair which I thought really didn’t suit me. I needed longer hair.

Later on, I had another dream, that I was getting ready in the morning.  I knew I was late for something, or that someone was waiting for me, I think my husband.  I wanted to get ready quick.  We were at my grammie R’s house and I was getting ready in the bathroom.  I was trying to get everything ready quick so I could have a shower, but I just couldn’t get it together.  My cousin L had gone in right before and wanted to get ready too.  She took a bath instead of a shower which I thought was weird, but she didn’t let the water drain in the tub, so I had to drain the tub. I didn’t really mind though.  I kept having the overwhelming feeling that I was in a rush, and that I had to hurry up because someone was waiting for me.  Suddenly, I felt like I had to pee. (This is always dangerous in a dream!).  I thought about peeing, and right before I did I remembered “Wait!”.  I had a knowing that I couldn’t pee, the way that I felt, was that there were two parts of me.  A solid part and a light/dream part.  Both sides would have to consent before I could pee, but the solid side hadn’t consented, so I couldn’t. PHEWF! Way to not pee the bed dream self!!!!



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