Square Window and a New Office

 My co-worker R and I went somewhere but I can’t remember where. To town or something?  To go see something? Shopping?  I forget, but when we came back we had been gone most of the afternoon, and it was probably about 4pm ish?  I was worried that my boss would catch us and we’d be in trouble for being away from work. I thought “A lot of people go places in the day, and then come back.. we should be okay”.  We got back right before it was time to start getting ready to go home.  We unlocked the office, and turned the lights all on and signed onto the computers, ect. The two of us had a new office.  It was a separate room, away from the building and I think it was made of glass or windows or something.  We were working there. Well he was working and I was assisting him, doing up paper work and things.

I think there was something playing on a TV.  Someone came by, and I think it was my boss L.  He was upset because he thought that R and I Were having an affair! I was like “NO way! Not in a million years!  How could you even say that?!”  I looked at R, his wife was there. I had never seen her before and had always wondered what she looked like.  She had highlighted blonde hair with bangs, in a low pony tail, probably about shoulder length hair too.  She was wearing a brown leather jacket I think, or something constructed like that, and jeans.  Her face was a bit pointy.  Average build and height, sitting on a chair with her legs crossed. 

Another person mentioned to me about being a match for R.  I was so confused and weirded out. I think it was my mom.  I said “he is married! And so am I! Why are you saying this??”.  Then she said that long ago, we had been matched up to meet.  I thought that was weird because he was a lot older than me.  I remember seeing a few pairs of high heels with colorful flowers on them. 

R and I were talking. I said that it was my birthday that day, “I used to celebrate so much on my birthday! In Halifax, in Korea, in Ireland (although when I said Ireland, I knew that I hadn’t been there on my birthday but didn’t think he would fact check me). I would always go out and party with my friends! Too bad I couldn’t do that today!” Then he asked me what date my birthday was and I said “July 30” and he said, “Okay, today is July 19th”. Oops! I still had 11 days till my birthday.  “Oh! It’s my Dad’s birthday today! Not mine!”. 

The next dream- It was really weird this dream. I barely remember it.  My grammie U was with my mom and I… We were going to G.Grammie R’s house.  In order to get in, you had to go through a window, a square window, that you had to crawl through, so the three of us climbed through that window and got in.  When we were in there, Grammie U started dancing.  There was a woman in there, I forget what she said her name was.  She was older, probably about 70, and had reddish brown shoulder length hair, with a bit of curl in it.  She was around helping everyone.  I know there was more to this! I remembered it this morning! Shoot. 

In another snippet, I dreamed that I drove by a sign that posts the local lottery 50/50 winners and my mom’s name was on the sign! Yahoo!  Mom you’d better go buy a lottery ticket!  I remember thinking “Wow! The first time my mom bought a ticket and she won! Yay!”.



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