Purple Orb and Shoulder Bird

We were at the table at our old house where I grew up, but it was set up long, against the patio doors, and there were a lot of people that I didn’t know sitting there.  There was one lady to my left, and we started talking.  For some reason, we were taking about psychics or something, and I asked her if she could see dead people and she said yes, kind of. I said, I can’t, but I can feel them. I wanted to say I could see them too, but wanted to behonest with her. I said, I can feel them like a hand on my shoulder, like this, and then I put my hand on her shoulder.  I said “I can feel some right now”.. I couldn’t feel much, but I just said that at first.  Suddenly, I said “Mary Ann?” I didn’t know how I knew that name, but she said “Yes! I knew Mary Ann!” She was really happy and I knew that. Then she went out on the deck.  I could see that something had healed in her, but I wasn’t sure how.  I was glad that me saying that had helped her.  She and some other people were down on the lawn, and I could see an orb beside them, a purple one. I thought, that’s so weird, am I really seeing this?  Aren’t orbs usually seen on a camera?  Strange!   I wasn’t sure if I should tell them or not.

Suddenly, a black and white bird flew to me and landed on my shoulder. Wow how strange!!  Was it really a bird?  I knew I had seen the same bird at my home the day before, flying into the bird house.  Then it turned into a cat, and I thought that was strange and cool too.



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