For the last 2 nights I’ve had a hard time remembering my dreams.  I haven’t been trying hard to remember really, but I’ve just been having dreams that I remember bits and pieces of. They seem to mostly have a work theme.  One night I dreamed that I was at work, and my co-worker R and I had a weird office in a dark corridor.  We were so far away from our boss, and he requested that we be moved to the main building. Finally! We got to move!  We were moved to a bright section of the office with windows, quite near our boss, L.  Now we could run back and forth to his office so much more easily.

That day, there were going to be games for the employees. I was in charge of one of the games.  I had a stack of memos, that I had printed off of my computer.  I had decided that I would give each person a memo that had been sent to them previously, so their name would already be on the top.  They would use that piece of paper to write their answers for the games we would play.  I realized, that a lot of the employees were only temps and did not have memos with their own names on them.  For these people, I gave blank papers so they could fill in their names themselves.  Several of these people were from my elementary school.


My dreams last night are not easily returning to me.  My boss L was there, asking me to mail something for him.  What else?  I’m not sure really.  I will try harder tonight to set the intention to remember, and get some good “stories” down for us.

Sweet dreams!


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