Bears & Llamas

I was walking down a dirt road, when I met a fluffy white… llama?  There was another one.  Two fluffy white llamas.  So strange.

As I kept walking, on my right hand side, there was a farm house with more of the llamas in the yard.There was a fence in the yard but they were all outside of the fence on the driveway, some heading down the drive way.  I thought maybe I should tell the people that their llamas were out, but I didn’t.  I looked to my left and in the field there was a bear! It seemed angry, and was batting at a llama.  I was so scared.  I saw that there was a tree, with an over hanging branch on the side of the road. I quickly climbed up the tree where I thought I would be safe.  Then I noticed, in another tree, the bear climbed up very quicky and easily.  Oh no! I can’t keep safe in a tree!  So, I jumped down and started running back in the direction I came from, towards my uncle S’s house.  I noticed that there were actually THREE bears! A mama and 2 kids.  Oh no, the danger just increased.  The bear had seen me, and started running towards me. Please baby bears, do not come near me! I don’t want your mama attacking me to keep you safe!  I thought, how could I ever outrun this bear?!  I got to Uncle S’s house, and realized the door would probably be locked because they would be sleeping, this ealry in the morning. 

I saw Uncle S’s truck in the dooryard, and prayed it was unlocked. It was!  But when I opened it, I saw aunt D was asleep in the drivers side and uncle S was in the passenger’s side where I opened the door.  It startled me.  Uncle S said, “Don’t open this door! D is asleep! We’ll never get her back to sleep if she wakes up!” I said “But there’s a bear!” and he said “Go in the house!”.  I ran into the house, and tried to lock the door behind me.  I locked the first flimsy door.  Would that keep the bear out?  I locked the second door, but it still wasn’t very strong.  

I looked out the window to see if the bear was there, or if it was at the truck, shaking the truck or anything.  To my surprise, it was laying on the ground.  My uncle had tranquilized it because it had been hurt.  Her neck or something had been cut badly in a fight (with the llama?), and Uncle S said that it was inhumane not to help it. He had it tied with ropes, and was pressing cloths into the cut, and cleaning it.  I thought that was nice of him.



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