Angels with a Choice

Bee and I were driving down the highway, and as we were changing lanes, somehow I lost control of our car, and between the oncoming traffic and the car beside us, we were hit and our car was smashed.  As we lay on the ground, the angels came.  Our spirits started to leave our bodies, when I said “Wait! We’re not ready!”  The angels were loving and said “You always have a choice, you have a choice to return to your bodies”.  I told them we still had so much to do on Earth, and please let us return to our bodies.  So our spirits re-entered our bodies, and we were “alive” again.  I could see the other angels around us now.  We were safe in the knowledge that we wouldn’t leave the Earth before our time, and that there was always an option.    At the same time, there was another person, or animal.  Maybe a dog, or a raccoon?  Who’s physical body had been struck, and I could see it’s spirit as it rose.  I’d never seen  that before.    

A short time later, a co-worker, L’s son, was struck or ill, and was dying.  HE had the same experience as Bee and I.  His soul was leaving his body, when he told the angels that he wanted to live for 2 more weeks, to see his mother’s birthday.  I told L this, I told her that we always have a choice about how long we want to live. The angels would keep him alive for the next two weeks, and then he would go home.  She was quite upset, but strangely she was also worried about me, that I would have to take care of him for the next two weeks. I told her please don’t worry.  During this time, I noticed that he had really beauituful tanned skin.  We mentioned it and said tanned skin makes it easier to… to what? I can;t remember.


Fast forward a bit.  We were going on a trek to the Sistine Chapel.  Although that’s not what it actually was.  We climbed and climbed up a steep mountain made of sharp rocks.  Finally at the top, we came to the “chapel”, it wwas more like a giant bird house, hanging by a hook.  I looked up and actually saw the hook.  It was like a big clip, like what you would see hooked to a keychain actually.  Umm is that safe?  This trek turned into a work meeting.  A man walk talking, talking about work things, it was a conference now.


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