Dance Competition on Ellen

We were watching a dance competition, quite amateur actually.  Then this group of hiphop guys went up on stage, probably about 20 of them, with the leader being LL Cool J.  Their dance was so good! Wow! Then Will Smith jumped up and tried to follow along with the dance.  He wasn’t perfect, but he was actually pretty good considering he was learning it while watching them.  Wait, that’s not WIll Smith! That’s just some guy! When the dance was done, Ellen called the guy who had danced down. He was my friend, and he was standing next to me at the back of the room! Wahoo friend! He started to walk, and Ellen said, “You too Karen!”. Wow!  I was so excited!  She talked to us for a while and I was so happy.  She said “I’ve had a lot of Karens on the show this week”.  And I said “Oh they were all me”. She was shocked and I said “Just kidding” But it was true I think.  

Then we sat down with our family in the seats. It was time to go.   Dad said there were gift bags we could take, that were lining the stairs of the room, and that they had Disney figurines in them.  He was pretty insistant we take one. So I got one, and then my husband went to get one. I was trying to clean up our mess that we had made.  There was garbage laying around the seat, and I was trying to decide what was garbage and what was good.

I picked up a piece of homemade soap from a chair, sliced at an angle, that was a thick heart or something. It was grammie R’s.  She had bought it at some tour they did on our vacation. I thought that made sense, it was like a piece of soap I had given her years ago.  



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