This morning, I easily remembered my dreams.  Let’s see if I can get them written out now.

I was in Avondale, and there was a watch tower.  It was around the corner on the opposite side of D&K’s house, on my way to Grammie R’s house.  I was remembering how I used to climb up there and watch things go by when I was younger (this never really happened, just a dream memory).  I was talking to my brother about the tower, and we talked about how it kind of just got old one day and sort of fell down.  I was telling H about it and saying how it would be safe and good for her to get up on a tower to see things outside.  We were at my brother’s house, but suddenly it switched to us being at Gram R’s house.  My mom had brought Bee and I there, but she had gone without us.  I asked my brother if they were going back home or not. He said they were planning to go to town, why? And I said, oh if you were going home, I would get you to drop me off at home too (our childhood home),  I said that’s okay, I’ll get a ride with someone else.  That made me uncomfortable to have to find another ride, but I didn’t want to inconvenience my brother.  Then Uncle S came and said he could take me home.  Suddenly it switched and we were at our old uncle Neil’s house, and it was HIM who would take me and Bee home.  I realized we had no car seat! Shoot!  Out of somewhere, we found an old infant car seat carrier but no base.  Somehow we rigged the back of the truck with a seat belt.  I was pulling hard on the seat belt to lock it and get it in place, and was proud of myself for doing it myself.  We got Bee all buckled in and we could finally go home.


Then (and this is probably another dream, but I was in the truck with my brother.  He was telling us about a friend who was getting married.  He told mom that I knew him because I had met him once, but I thought, weird I didn’t really know him though.  We drove up to our old middle school and go out.  I was wearing these ugly purple soccer shorts, that I thought were cool in middle school. My legs looked bad but I thought probably no one would notice.  We went out to the playground for gym class.  We realized that they didn’t teach gym anymore.  All of the play ground was rusty and broken down.  I touched the chains of the swings, and they crumbled like dust.  I touched one after another, and the same thing. How sad.  The PE teacher was really shocked and please that we wanted to have gym class, but they really didn’t have the facilities set up. I decided to just ran back and forth on the field.  I counted and ran 20 times back and forth.   At first I thought people would think I Was weird, but they it didn’t matter. It was fun running, and I never really got tired.


Then Bee and I were at Grama’s bakeshop for lunch.  She was marking on the tables with pencil and I was following behind her trying to get it clean.  The waitress was watching us and saying it was hard being a mom.  We were supposed to meet my mom soon and eat something somewhere else or at another table so I was trying to keep our area cleaned up.


I realized I hadn’t seen my husband for quite a while, so I called him.  He said he was at “Sex on the Beach” the new bar in town. I was so angry, and I said I am coming there RIGHT NOW to see who your girlfriend us.  He just laughed and said fine.  I thought “Shoot I shouldn’t have told him, I should have just snuck in”.  To my surprise, when I arrived, there were two women, him and his friend sitting at the table drinking. He didn’t even bother to make them leave before I got there?! By now, he was no longer my husband, he was my ex boyfriend JF.  I was so angry. He looked at me and said “You can either have 2 bottles of beer of a cocktail” WHAT?! I was getting out raged at his indifference, and also at his thinking it was okay to tell me what to do.  Despite my anger, I gave in and looked at the other two girls to see what they were drinking, for some direction.


Then I woke up because Bee woke up upset.


When I fell asleep again around 5:30, I had a dream that I was going to a semi formal at high school.  My friend was supposed to do my hair. I thought she would set it in rollers.  It somehow was already naturally wavy and pretty, but just needed some rollers in.  I wondered what I would wear.  Didn’t I have a prom dress in the closet?  Would it still fit?  Did I have a date?  Who would ask me this late?  Did I even want to go? I don’t think so. 



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