Logan Guide

This morning I slept in 15 minutes late. Well, maybe 13 minutes. Anyway that means that this dream took place in the last 25 or 30 minutes of sleep because I had woken up earlier in the morning to check the clock and saw that I still had 12 minutes left to sleep!!  

I was at my parents house.  I guess I lived there too.  My husband and I were on the lawn and my boss was there. But it didn’t look like my boss.  He was apologizing that he had to lay me off and that he was sorry I couldn’t stay.  I didn’t want him to feel bad but he looked like he might cry.  Anyway, finally he left, and we were still standing on the lawn. Suddenly, two guys with 4 dogs came onto the lawn.  The dogs ran right over to us and I thought that was strange. They were really rambunctious and excited.  I went to the house to open the door and the dogs leaped into the house! Shoot! How could I ever get them out?!  Their owners came in, 2 brothers.  One was probably a teenager, maybe 14 or 15.  One was older. Both blonde. Maybe Dutch or something.  The older one’s name was Logan.  When they left, my mom asked how old I thought the older one was, and I said “Ummm it’s hard to tell if he’s 15 or 25!”. I thought 25 was close to my age and suddenly remembered I’m 28!  There was something about those guys, something different.  I thought about them and wondered where they went, who they were, where they lived. 

I went outside to the end of the road.  I was wearing the PJ top and shorts I was wearing to go to bed last night, and no socks or shoes.  Exactly the outfit I was wearing as I slept.  I started jogging down the road.  I love running in my dreams because I never get tired.  I ran for a while, but I didn’t notice anyone out there, so I turned around.  I was thinking about the feeling of running on the side of the road in my bare feet, how it felt so natural.  I thought wouldn’t it be nice to always do that?  Then I thought we couldn’t because of the danger of stepping on glass or something. Then I thought about those 5 fingered shoes that might be like running barefoot.   

As I was running, I saw the boys and their dogs coming out of our driveway and walking towards me.  The younger brother said “There she is” quietly to the older brother, in surprise. I knew they had been looking for me too.  When I got to them, I stopped. They were so happy to see me.  They wanted to tell me so much, but somehow they couldn’t tell me everything they wanted.  I asked them where they lived and they vaguely pointed to a couple houses past ours. I said Umm that’s weird. They said their father owned a funeral home, and I said “But there are no funeral homes in L.Ville”.  And they seemed tripped up by that a bit and stammered.  And then somehow I understood.  I said “Do you mean you live where I live.  That you live from another time/place”. They were SO relieved that I got it! So relieved that I understood”.  They were “spirits” from a different time, but living in the same space as me. Or just being back watching over that space.  

I went home, still kind of thinking about this.  I went through the house, and went to lay down on my bed.  My bed had a pink blanket on it, but somehow it was too plain. I wished there were more fluffy and sparkly pillows on it. Anyway I laid down.  Something was freaking me out, or I was worried about something.  Then I yelled out “Logan!”. I wondered if he would come.  He came, appeared in my room. I knew I was the only one who could see him.  He came over, so happy I had called him. And laid down on my bed to talk to me. It was like he was from the 70s or something. I’m not sure why I thought that, I can’t remember. I knew that he was in love with me, and that somehow I had forgotten about him.  But he wasn’t angry.  Anyway, I knew I was supposed to be getting ready for work (Probably because I was sleeping in, in real life, and knew I should be in the shower!!!).  I went to the bathroom, but there was someone in there. It was really weird. When I opened the door, she was floating around the tub, but the tub was like the entire room.  She was confused because she’d been throwing up. I told her she was pregnant.  I was annoyed at this dumb girl. I shut the door, and went out, to find the other bathroom. 

Oh my gosh! This house! I was standing in the middle of the house. It was a gigantic wooden house, from another time.  HUGE, like I mean the size of a shopping mall. Or maybe a gigantic old court house.  Two stories.  With the rooms being on either side of the house, on two levels, and the middle, a giant open space. It looked more like three of four stories high, the size of it.  The wood was shining and gleaming.  I recognized this house!  This is the house I so often see in my dreams.  The new house we usually move to, but in all of my other dreams, it was creepy, dark, and scary. Haunted. This time it was bustling with life and people doing things, and shone bright and lively.  I was happy about that. 

Anyway I had to find the bathroom to get ready for work!  I looked here and there trying to find the right room. I asked my dad and he said “Oh! It’s in there!” I opened the door, and as I walked in, to the left I saw a movie theatre room. Cool! As I went in the room straight ahead, I saw that it was like a restaurant, with some kind of live entertainment.  There were lots of people come in. My husband and I sat at a table.  We were talking and he asked me to order him a large Gochu (hot pepper). I said ok I would find one.  He had his head touching my head, and a rare act of open affection.  Suddenly, Logan came and sat down beside me.  I knew that no one could see him but me.  I wondered, would he be jealous of my husband?  Would he get angry and try to hurt him some how? I hoped not! I looked at Logan and knew that he wouldn’t, he was smiling at me.  He was just there at the time to help me and guide me, it was okay.  I said I would go order something, and stood up to go, and Logan went with me.  THEN my husband in real life opened the door and was like “Why aren’t you up yet?!”



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