Maple Butter

We were in H.Land and we had gone grocery shopping.  We decided that we really really wanted some maple butter. My husband and I were remembering that we had had it one time before and had eaten it all up. The only place we could think of that sold it was the tourist bureau, where I used to work as a Uni Student.  I felt uncomfortable going in, but I thought, well it’s the weekend, and my old boss probably wouldn’t be there (I didn’t really like her that much, and I don’t think she liked me either). I thought “It’s Sunday and she NEVER took a weekend shift, so it’s very unlikely she would be there”.  There were a lot of cars in the yard as well so I thought it would probably be busy.  I went in, despite being uncomfortable, to get the maple butter.

When I  walked in, I was surprised to see that there were no tourists, but rather, they were renovating the inside.  It was workers there, and there was my old boss, S.  She looked up and saw me, without a smile or happiness, but kind of surprise to see me.  I said I would like to buy some maple butter. She looked at me and said she was just too tired to do any sales today. Sorry.  I was so internally annoyed, but tried not to show it. I wanted to say that we had come clear to H.Land to get maple butter, but I didn’t.  Instead I said “Fine.  Who else sells maple butter? I will be happy to buy it from someone else. Never mind, I will find it myself.” And I turned and left.

I walked outside to tell my husband. I was really annoyed.  Suddenly school got out and all of the middle school students came over to the parking lot where we were. They were all walking around and hanging out.  I started talking to one girl, she was so shocked. I had actually started talking to her accidentally, thinking she was someone else, but when she said “Wow, I can’t believe you’re actually talking to me!” I felt bad and kept walking beside her. Then S came out of the building with some maple butter and said she changed her mind and I could buy it. I kind of huffed and followed her in.  Instead of my buying it right away, she started doing something else. I was getting SO annoyed because I had been there so long.

Finally I marched over to the counter, grabbed a jar of the maple better and yelled in a loud voice “DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN HERE WAITING?! Now you get this order done RIGHT NOW.”  A tourist looked at me and said “Whoa, take your time and enjoy yourself.  We’re from Alaska and we’re in no hurry, what’s your problem”, I was so exasperated and I said “I’m FROM HERE! I LIVE here! She knows that, and I used to WORK HERE!  I’ve been waiting over an hour to buy this! She knows that!” She still wasn’t moving very fast so I said “What do you think would happen if I told what you actually DID here?  If I told the things you do there, dishonestly?” She said “Yea that’s right, I do do things dishonestly. That wouldn’t be good. I did do those things”. So I bought my butter, and left. Blah! My husband took my arm and we walked out together. I could hear some other people on the steps behind us yelling “Wahoo! I’m on your side! I’d fight for you!”. I was really glad that someone understood how annoying the situation had been. They were proud of me for standing up for myself, and I was too.



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