Grampy WIlmot and Purple Owl Totem


My husband and I were in our house, but it wasn’t the same really as our house now.  There were two parts, with a long hallway and a big room at the end too.   I heard a knocking on the door.  Normally (in the dream) I would ask my husband to come see with me, but decided to just go myself.  I heard a deep voice calling out, and I went to see who had come.  When I got to the room, it was my Grampy Wilmot (who passed a few years ago when I was in Korea). Oh I was so happy, so very very happy!  I knew that he had died, but I was so happy to see him! When I entered the room, he was sitting in a recliner chair.  I started running, and he ran so fast and strong towards me and gave me a big strong hug, exactly how he did when he was alive. I was so happy. He was happy too.  He said he was glad I was brave enough to come answer the door by myself, and I was glad too.  Usually when I used to see my grampy in my dreams, he was weak, still sick, still dead, but trying to be resurrected, lost, not himself. Finally, after years, I saw him strong, happy, himself. Oh I am so happy, just typing this now.  We talked for a while, and I looked up and saw an owl in the tree.  It was beautiful.  It was a dark colour, with a bit of white at its neck, and a beautiful bright purple chest. Wow.  I asked my Grampy if that was my totem animal, and my dad answered.  He said it was Paul’s totem (who is Paul?!), and that Paul had moved away but the owl remained.  I asked what my totem was.  Was it a sparrow?  I couldn’t hear the answer. Dad and Gramp didn’t tell me. They kind of mumbled something, but I couldn’t get it.  After that the dream shifted to us surprising my aunts with Mexican food, and other weird dream life things.

Grampy Wilmot with me beside him.

Grampy Wilmot with me beside him.


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