A New Coat

At the beginning of the night, I had a spiritual dream with 3 parts or sections, but I can’t remember.  One part was telling me that Bee was psychic and gifted, but I can’t remember the two other parts. Anyway, it made me feel rested and comfortable.

In the dream before I woke up, I was going shopping.  It was at the Gap.  There were other classmates with me.  I was looking around, and decided I wouldn’t stress, but would buy a couple of tops. I wanted a pink cardigan and a tank top.  We were at a sale rack. Winter coats were for sale, and the discounts were so good! $150 coats for $30.  There was a really nice warm one with a water proof outer shell, fur around the hood, a beige colour at first, but was actually black. It was my size, so I tried it on. My friends LOVED it! They thought it looked so cool!  I thought it would be good for really cold days in winter. I looked and noticed I was wearing the pink winter jacket with the hood that I have. I told them it was the warmest coat I could find but it still wasn’t warm enough. I kept checking the price tag trying to see a price on the new coat.  The sale price was a little faded, but I think it was 39.99.  I couldn’t tell if it was 19.99 or 39.99.  I would get it.  Another friend said “Look I’m bat man!”. The coat she tried on had a cape behind it with fur on it. Kind of weird. She was flapping her arms.  I said it was cool, except the tinsel. It had a tinsel piping on it, very strange.

I went to get the cardigan I wanted. I couldn’t find cardigans at first, but knew they had to have them because they were advertised.  Finally I found them.  When I took down the one I wanted about 5 or 6 other ones fell down.  The worker was there and she picked them up. I said “I’m soooo sorry! I didn’t mean to knock them down!” I felt really bad for making her extra work, but she wasn’t angry and said it was no problem.  So, I paid for my items and left.

We were now on some type of bus or train.  J.W. a friend from elementary school was sitting across from me.  Suddenly, in the sky I thought I saw a flying saucer and some lights flickering in the sky. A UFO! I was telling J to look! Look at the UFO! Isn’t it a UFO?! And then I realized it was the reflection of a game someone was playing on their phone, just reflecting onto the window.



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