Playhouse Vandalism

We were at our old  United Baptist church in Lville.  My BF from high school was there with me, and I thought “How the heck did I end up here with him again!?”  I think we had made some kind of pact to be friends with each other or something.  He was running whatever was going on.  A worship team?  A song group? Not sure.  We were eating snacks- weird snacks made by the ministers wife.  Kind of nutty stuff that was made into squares or something, and was grayish brown. Healthy.  Anyway it wasn’t bad. My friend K said it was gross and gave me his.  Bee was asleep on the pew and I was getting a little worried because the guy in front of us was being loud. I asked him to be a little quieter because Bee was asleep. I thought he would be angry but he wasn’t really.  Then it was time to go, and we went to the front near the piano to say goodbye to the minister.  Bee had on her rosary bracelet with Mother Mary’s charm.  She showed the minister and said “Mary!”  He looked at me and said “Why do you have a rosary bracelet?!” and I said “I’m Catholic” I knew that would startle and alarm him.  I said, I grew up here, but by husband is a devout Catholic, and in order to get married I had to covert.  I said it’s not bad, some things I don’t believe, but there are things in this church I don’t believe either.  That seems to REALLY startle him, he was speechless, so we left to go home.

As we were walking home, we saw that all of the people were preparing for yardsales.  At first I thought it was big trash day because everyone was bringing trash out to the end of the driveway but then realized it was a yardsale day.  One of the neighbours snapped at me and said no early shopping, but i said I was just curious.

When we got home, I was looking outside, and noticed that the next door neighbour boy who is 5 (in real life, there’s no next door neighbour boy) was up on our daughter’s play hosue (real life, no play house). He was tearing off siding and shingles. I ran out and yelled at him and said I was going to tell his father. I was so angry! I knocked on their door and heard the mom said “WHO would be here at 11:30 at night?!~” Was it that late?! I looked at the clock, only 9:30.

The dad came to the door, and angrily I told him what happened, and that I wanted him to fix it. He said “It would be my pleasure”. Phewf.  THen he said “I wish someone would F-ing fix my cottage that got siding ripped off.” and then I thought, shoot. Everyone has something that’s happened to them, and I was just assuming it was only me, and that other people should fix that.  I said “well, you don’t have to fix it then..” and he said “no, no, I will”. Then I left, I felt kind of bad being so angry.

When I got home, there were about 10 friends from middle/high school hanging out.  A woman came over who looked like another neighbor, Tammy, but she was someone else. She had big frizzy hair.  She said she was another sales consultant (somehow I knew that the Mom of the boy worked for a sales company, and they had been having a meeting when I was there, with other members of the company).  She asked if she could come in and show her samples to my friends and I . I said, “why not?”. I asked what company it was and she said “Goat” but it was spelled “Got” with some kind of accent over the “o”. It was Swedish or something.  The company sold creams and facial products, ect.  My mom and I, and all our friends, were on a big sectional couch outside on our side lawn.  Mom said she’d seen it all before (and so had I), so she put the foot thing up on the couch and laid back and so did I.   Another friend said her and her mom had already seen it too because a lady had come to her house to show them. I said the same for us, and that we always like doing that kind of thing.



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