Magic Pearl Doily


At first, Charles and I were staying at my Aunt M’s house.  I think we were all getting ready to leave, but for some reason, I think we were going through a portal or something, not just to another place around her house.  We all knew that though. Anyway, we went to get in the cars, there were two cars.  One driven by my aunt, and one driven by our neighbor Michael.  Michael had a big van.  Charles had to run in and get something, I told him be really quick, because I didn’t want to leave without him.  I’m not really sure what happened next, but the next thing I remember, we were all in a back yard somewhere.  Suddenly, there was something, chasing us. Maybe a dragon?  I climbed up a tree, as quick as I could, but the dragon was still behind me and I was scared.  It had claws like thorns, if it swiped me, the thorns would snag onto my clothing and be able to pull me down.  I knew I could fly, so I jumped from the tree and flew away.  Then there was a guy, probably my age, sweet and kind, with short soft brown hair.  He gave me something to keep me safe.  It was round, about the size of a pancake, it seemed to be crocheted out of a heavy material, and had pearls intertwined with it. I held it in my hand.  When I held it, all of the scary things disappeared.  Completely gone.  The back yard was calm and peaceful. I could barely believe it, since often in my dreams, things don’t just completely get fixed.  I was so happy and grateful, I ran to the guy, who was sitting on steps in a house, and hugged him.  He was always happy to help me.  He was making something like makeup, and had these brushes too that he was making, more like a makeup brush.  They seemed to be made of human hair which was a bit odd.  The hairs would fall out of place, but if you shook it a little, they would all go back into place. Strangey.  Somewhere along the line, someone complemented me on my pearl necklace, and asked me where I got it. 





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