Mini Reading from Jenn Royster

This isn’t a dream, but it’s really interesting, so I wanted to share it too.

Last fall, after I started practicing gratitude, positivity, and learning about general spiritual paths, one night, I was sitting quietly on the floor (like I did every night at that time), nursing Bee to sleep. I thought I felt a spider on my shoulder, and brushed it off. Next night, same thing. And the third night, same thing. I realized “Wait a minute! That’s not a spider!”, When I started noticing that feeling it would get stronger, like a strong tingling on my left shoulder/back. At first it happened at night when I was thinking, quiet, sitting on the floor. Then it started happening more often when I would be reading about interesting topics about angels and spirit guides ect. Some times it even feels like a strong hand on my shoulder. I recognize that feeling as an angel close to me.  It’s really cool actually! So, yesterday, Jenn Royster was on the Dr. Pat show, and I wrote in a question, asking about what this was!  To be honest, I kind of felt like the answers before mine were actually for me too a bit J 

June 6, 2013 Jenn Royster on the Dr. Pat Show 

Here is the link

And here is the transcript.

Ohhh wow. Well, hello Karen. This is for Karen. You are very VERY connected, my dear lady. And I’m feeling you and it’s sending the sensations all the way through MY body. Right now, so I’m tapping into you.  Um, you have a, you’re gonna feel the moon cycles a lot, you’re going to feel the moon, the emotions, that is obviously the clairsentience, because you’re a feeler. But you are feeling the physical, what’s touching, is, you have guardian angels. And they are usually right at your shoulder.  Usually we have two, you know, and I know mine, and you’ll get to know them.  They are reaching out, and it’s crossing the veil or the boundaries from that dimension to your dimension because you’ve been raising your frequency!   Your 8th chakra as well has REALLY woken up so your connection is much clearer.  Your antenna is stronger.  These are beautiful things.  When you feel love coming in or healing energy, when I do energy healing,  you’ll feel tingling a lot.  When you feel them reach out and touch you like that, they’re letting you know they’re there for you, and they’re sending you a  beautiful energy. And, it can feel like a vibrational tingle. So, you have quite a bit going on that sounds ABSOLUTELY exciting to me.

Next, Dr. Pat re-read her part of my question, about which type of intuition is my strong point.

She is clairsentient, because that feeling, even in the physical, she’s feeling.  I mean, she’s FEELING. Now she’s feeling it in her physical.  I feel it. When I tapped into her  I feel the surges go through. When I connect to you, Pat, I feel a particular pattern and that’s what I’m picking up, so then I’m expressing it as the way I’m feeling the other person.  And that she’s picking up her angels reaching out and touching her on the shoulder, letting her know that she’s supported, they are reaching out on the back, “We’ve got your back”. They’re letting her know she’s safe.   So, it’s definitely clairsentient.   So she’s a feeler. And so she is picking up emotionally, that’s .. yeah.  She’s gonna want to make sure shields and protects her energy field, so she’s not absorbing all the negative lower energy stuff.   She’s gonna find while she’s waking up and activating that she’s uh, you know “Woah, I’m just too sensitive to watch that on TV anymore, or this is just bothering me.”  Or you may feel that your relationships or friendships starting to change or you just don’t feel like there’s a sync anymore.   Her frequency has risen quite a bit, she’s  been doing something to improve her frequency and it’s lifting.  Cause when we’re more positive, and when we’re, we’re ascending all the time from the time we’re born, we’re working on that.  Or we can choose to stay very dense and heavy and under the brick I call it, with the weight of energetic blocks. 



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