Angels in the Grocery Store

We were at the grocery store with a full cart of groceries.  We were in line, all of the lines were really long.  We were almost second in line when my mom decided that the line was too long, and wanted to switch, so she pushed the cart out into another line.  WHAT the heck Mom! We were almost to the front.  I realized the new line had moved quickly and we were second again.  When we got up there I was loading the groceries.  We had bough lots of grapes (Did mom know they would be expensive?), but most of them had fallen off of the vine, so that worried me a bit. Then I realized, I could just pick them all up and put them in a little plastic bag. So, I did.  I started putting the loose potatoes in a plastic bag too, when the cashier said “Oh~ there’s already a heather chip in that bag” and I said oh that’s okay, we’ll just smoosh that one.  Then she rang through our box of chicken and said “Oh! Did you get the free gift with that?” And I said “No! What is it? I can go get it!” So, she told me that it was in the section with the purple ship or something on the top.  So I started running around the grocery. I saw my brother and his wife and asked if they could help but they said they were a little busy. I was frantically trying to find it so I could get back to the line before they were done checking out. I saw a cousin, Jeremy, he looked a little crazy and wasn’t much help.  Then I saw the cashier go around the corner, and noticed there was the purple cardboard ship.  The free gift was a pack of bacon! Wow! My hubby would be happy.  She gave me the bacon and we went back. She was actually my friend Jessie.  I decided the gift was worth about 6$ so we kind of got a 6$ discount on chicken. I saw the price tag on the bacon was 3 something. I wondered if that was a good deal.

As I was waiting for my mom, i was sitting on some stairs, right behind my cash register, that were like the stairs at my Grammie R’s house.  Jessie’s younger sister was there. I realized that she had become a psychic.  She was talking to a man, and he was saying how grateful to her he was, that now he could go to her for readings.  She told me she was getting a room at Suzanne Riley’s studio. Wow!  She said to the man, “I can see people around you now”.  I said, “Jamie, can you see angels too”.  And she said yes, then she kind of started to gaze around my shoulders, and I asked “Do you see them around me now?” And she just nodded slowly, I wondered if something weird was going on.  She said “I see the angels around joyful and happy energies”.  And I said “Can you ask what his name is? And she nodded and started to say “Eee, Eee, Eee, like she was getting the first part of a name, but she couldn’t quite get it.  Then I she started a weird kind of chant.”  Then, as clear as you or me speaking, I heard a whisper in my ear say “Eeble/Ible” I said “What? Can you say it again?” and I heard again, so clearly, a loud whisper say “Eeble” Then I felt my body being quickly pulled up straight up, up the stairs, as if I were laying on my back, being pulled so fast up the stairs in made me dizzy, and then I was brought back down.  I said to Jamie “Is it Ible? Eeble? “I-B-L-E?” And then I heard the whisper say something that sounded like “You’re gonna beat me”.  That line freaked me out and I woke up.  


Also, I saw my friend Hyun on at least 3 dreams last night, it was really weird. And his sister too.  I remember it so clearly before.  We were going somewhere, to see something.  We had to find out something?  I can’t remember now what it was. Well, Hyun went in first, I think I was kind of waiting for him.   Whatever it was he accomplished his mission.  Oh maybe it was a drug bust or something?  I think so!  Okay, so he had to go in and pretend to buy drugs, because we were going to catch that person later, it was part of some kind of operation.  So he went there, and she said “Don’t I know you?” And he said, no no, I’m not from here, I’m from Korea actually.  That girl believed him because she was high on her own drugs.  But his friend thought that was funny and tried to laugh and say “You know him! He’s bla bla bla”, so Hyun got the info or whatever he needed, and he left to meet me. We started walking away. He was so happy, that he ran around in a circle, and spun the dirt.  Suddenly, we realized that that girl was coming, so he said “Run!” he pulled me with him and we were running as fast as we could. “Faster!”, we ran behind a building to hide so she wouldn’t see us, he was up under the awning of the building, but for some reason I couldn’t get up there fat enough, so he reached out his hand and pulled me into the building and I was grateful.  



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