Purple Stone Counter

purple%20granite2[1]Usually, I write my dreams down as soon as I turn my computer on, but today it’s been a busy morning, and somehow it slipped my mind. I can’t remember the whole dreams last night, she a few specific points.

I talked to my mom on the phone. She was somewhere, maybe Dartmouth? I’m not sure. Her voice sounded down and a bit upset, so I asked her what was wrong. She said she had cut her thumb off, or almost off. Oh my gosh! Then she said that to curb a bout of depression, the doctors had sewed it back on (phewf). I knew that my mom was feeling so bad. Then we were all in the living room. We got the news that my uncle T had died. We were all so shocked. We were most worried for my Grammie R., who lost another son a year or so ago. How would we tell her. My mom was sitting down on the floor I think, or low to the ground, and I could feel her sad energy. I brought my hands up together, with the edges of my thumbs together, and the tips of my pointer fingers together. I started sending warm energy through my hands, towards my mom. At the same time, I sent that energy to the soul of my Uncle T. I couldn’t tell if it was working, but I kept doing it. I thought it probably was working, to make them feel better.

Then I was in the kitchen, with the old owners of our present home. We were talking about the counter top. Wow, it was beautiful. It was a bright and deep purple stone. Like a dark amethyst, With fleck and lines of the natural stone. It was just so pretty, I love it so much. I ran my hands over the smooth stone. Beautiful. Then somehow we left the house. I feel like we had to jump out or sneak out or something. I can’t really remember. There was a weird feeling.


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