Fake Doctor Sister

I had called Sherrie Dillard, the intuitive medium, for a ten minute session.  She had so much to tell me though, that it went over time (I only had to pay for the ten min), and lasted 45-50 minutes. I was happy about that though and thought how quick the time had gone.  The only thing I can remember that she told me.  I asked her about having another baby. She said that that evening, and the next day, I would become pregnant if I tried, it would happen.  Then she said “I really really don’t recommend that. I recommend that you wait until 2014 to become pregnant.  If you were to become pregnant, now, the baby’s father would not want to help care for the baby and it would be overwhelming.  I strongly recommend that you wait until 2014. 


When I got off the phone with her, I sent a message to an old friend that he should contact her too. Coincidentally he had been trying to call her for half an hour and the phone was busy. I said “That’s because she was talking to me!”.  Funny.


The next dream, there were two sisters.  A brown haired one and a light haired one. I was the light haired one.  We were small but grown up.  Our father was a doctor and he had wanted us to become doctors as well. My older sister didn’t want to, she married a rich man, and they owned a large building that they rented out for fancy events, and earned a nice income from that.  The responsibility fell to me, to become the doctor.  I failed medical school, with a score of like 19%.  I secretly went to a community college.  I didn’t have a home, so I lived out of my car, in my sister’s parking lot, in New York, I think Manhattan.  Along the lines, I began to fake being  a doctor.  I thought about how that had begun, as I sat in the parking lot of my sister’s building.


It began one day when I was at this place.  It smelled like a barn in there, at first I thought it was a barn, with animals lined up in stalls, but it was actually men, military men.  I was walking down the hall, and everyone was sneezing, and no one could figure out why.  Somehow, I heard the reason, and in a stern and strong voice, I announced it to everyone.  They were so grateful and amazed that I had figured it out, that they celebrated me, the great doctor.  It had just been my luck, but I went with it. 


We left that room, and it was raining outside, and I ran to the very fancy hotel (In the dream, I remembered Danny Devito promoting this super fancy hotel), and I noticed that there was a “for sale” sign on it.  I went into the hotel, and they dressed me in fancy clothes, and of course let me stay there for free because I was the great doctor.  When it was time to go, I revealed my outfit.  I said “They dressed me like I was naked and it’s beautiful” or something like that.  I opened my coat to reveal a bare midriff, so tanned and toned.  People were in awe.  So, that’s how I came about faking my status as a doctor.


My mind came back to the parking lot, and I decided to go into the building. I can’t remember what we did in the building, but suddenly it was on fire.  Beams were falling from the ceiling crushing people. I thought how I had previously thought it would be easy to escape a burning building, but now knew how treacherous it could be.  We ran, avoiding the falling beams that blocked off rooms, and finally escaped outside.  When the fire had been extinguished, we went to the marked in front of the building.  I enquired about Sherrie Dillard, because at that point, that’s where I had seen her set up.  They said that she had died in the fire “WHAT?!” Oh, wait no, that’s a different Sherrie.  Sherrie Dillard just isn’t here today.


Next Dream:


Karen Hagar (The Fog City Psychic) had asked my husband and I to help her with a video she was trying to send out, on her phone. We helped her and watched the video.  There was an extremely adorable baby bird that she had captured on video. It looked like a fluffy little owl. She called it a sparrow I think, but I believe it was an owl. She had recently bought a new camera and was practicing taking beautiful pictures.  They were really nice, and I wanted to ask her what kind of camera she bought. We were at our old house, where I grew up.  She was giving a class in the kitchen.  I had usually taken her classes from the living room via computer or something, but decided to join in-person, in the kitchen.  She introduced me to the other people at the table and told them they might not recognize me since I usually did distance learning.  I asked her about the bird in the video and she said she had no idea what I was talking about.  That confused me.  Then I saw the bird on the kitchen floor and said “Look! There it is!” She said it was a cat, and I looked and it had changed into a fluffy cat/dog.  I had my little girl there, and asked her how she liked taking care of a little girl instead of boys, and she said “Oh, it’s very different!”. 




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