Fruit Salad Race

I was in a little house, maybe a trailer, but it was like my living room and kitchen. There was an old grammie and me. I knew the Grammie had started losing her mind. We were supposed to make fruit salad, so I was starting to make the dressing. At the same time, the grammie wanted to make it too. She had a recipe, and I had a new modern way. I wanted to show her that the new way was a lot faster. I opened up a frozen cool whip, and a pack of vanilla pudding mix and started stirring them together. Pouf, finished. The grammie was still pour ingredients, and I told her to stop because it was already finished. She was confused. I didn’t want her to put the beaters in the bowl because I didn’t want to wash them either. The house was a mess, so we started cleaning it up. The grammie was doing the dishes and I was helping her with them. We got the whole house nice and clean. Out the window was a school or something. It had just gotten out, and a friend Mike from school was riding around in a circle on his bicycle. I think that the grammie was his grammie.

Next dream, later in the morning:

We were at a house, and Bee was watching TV by herself. I’m not sure who’s house it was really, and a lot of the details have faded from the dream already. Anyway, Charles and I went upstairs to where our room was, and we were working in the room. I forget what we were doing. Charles told me he would make me a desk for the corner of the room, but I didn’t want him to make it in case it wasn’t nice, and looked funny there. If it was made from particle board and unpainted or something. (Sorry Charles!). After being upstairs for a while, we thought we’d better check on Bobae. I went down and she was okay, there alone watching TV. I think there were other people around too.

Charles and I decided to go somewhere, so we left in the car. We had driven a few minutes when suddenly I said “WAIT! We really can’t leave Bee alone! Something could happen to her!” I was so freaked out, so we turned the car around to go back. I was a little panicky. I saw the police and knew they would stop us. Charles was driving tho and he had his license with him so we would be fine. They pulled us over and asked for his license, and he gave it to them. Just a routine check. They let us go an we were on our way. I’m not sure what happened next, but I think everything was fine.

Another snippet I just remembered, we hired a guy to shovel our driveway in the winter (with a shovel). He was really quick and strong, and really fast using the shovel. There was something weird about him, like he was an ex-con or something. Kind of strange guy, but he did a good job. I asked him where he lived, and he just pointed vaguely at the direction of some houses (funny, like the Logan Guide dream I had). I asked him again and he kind of pointed at Mom’s house (because it was the nearest to us at the moment). I thought “That’s a lie” but didn’t want him to know I knew he was lying. I didn’t really say anything, because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings since he was doing a good job.
Fruit Salad dressing


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