Captured by Ship

R and I were working at circus performers or something.  There was a huge crowd, and I was the assistant.  At first I was doing disappearing acts, going up in flames, ect.  Tjem It was my turn to do the Tarzan act.  I forgot, and R reminded me and I was like, “Oh yea! Oops!”.  So I grabbed a rope and ran and started swinging back and forth across the stage.  Then R was doing it too, but something went wrong.  I’m not sure if it was my fault, but somehow he caught on fire and got badly hurt.  

Then I was talking to his wife, and she was kind of talking to me about how she was moving out or something, when R came into the room. I pretended like I was talking about something else, but I could still hear them continue the conversation.  She was talking about apartments, and pretending that they were both moving out.  I found out later, that he had to leave their home and live alone in an apartment, and I felt really sorry for him.

We were outside, and suddenly from the sky, I saw planes dropping giant things on the ground, they were like huge knives or something, with two spikes each, every 20 feet or so, in a row.  They said that the planes were trying to find a person who had hurt a child, and I thought that was weird, because they could KILL a child or other people with those big spikes.  They really scared me.  I didn’t get hit, but I ran into the building.  I was afraid the umight get hit, and thought they might have mercy on a school but realized they didn’t care about anything.  After the spikes had passed us, I knew they wouldn’t go back because it was methodical, so I ran into the school.

Next, we were all in the school.  I saw R there, and I felt so sorry because he was hurt and could barely walk.  I apologized and said I was so sorry.  Then we were all on this boat, which was attached to the school (which was now a dock).  My whole family was in there.  We were walking around, exploring in the boat etc.  Suddenly, the boat started to pull away from the dock! Oh no! We were all yelling that we weren’t supposed to be on the boat and we had to get off!  The boat pulled around the dock and I thought it was going to let us off, but instead it just went out to the other side of the ocean.  We were all a little freaked out.  We had to walk from spot to spot on the boat, like there were trays or something on the floor, and you had to only step on those, or you would fall into the water.  You had to get to the edges to sit down.  There were lots of people I liked on the boat, so that part was okay, but there was a gloomy feeling in the boat.  We knew somehow that we had sort of been captured.  We also knew that we would only have so much food, and electricity.  My mom said she had heard about this before.  That we should really try to limit our electricity etc.  We thought we should probably turn off the air conditioner and lights for now.  Also we were all using internet on our phones, and thought we should stop bc there was a limited amount, and we might need it later in an emergency.  

On the TV, we heard how much food was in our boat, and it sounded like a lot, and Mom said it might go quick, because we also had to feed the TV guests like Dr. Phil and the banker who were here in their rooms. I said “They are on our boat?!” And mom said yes, they were still in their rooms.

I went to look out the window, and in front of  us, I saw more ships.  ahead of us, in a line.  It was weird though because each one ahead looked smaller, and down a level.  As if there were giant stair steps in the ocean, with each on a step lower.  I asked where we could be going, and my Dad said probably to the capital, the Soviet Union.  The End.



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