Carnelian Alien Protection

An old co-worker, David came in.  He was so excited because he had just bought a present for his son. It was a weird thing.  It was this kind of black ball bigger than a baseball, smaller than a bowling ball, and it sort of lit up, with white designs on it, kind of like a round light brite machine from the 80’s.  The white pegs made a sort of skull design. I said that’s a weird design for a kid, didn’t they do custom designs? He said they did, they had a big machine for custom items, but he had liked that one.  I’m not sure if he told me, but somehow I knew that they were made by aliens.  I asked him to take me to the store he had bought it at.  He was just so excited, this was his new favourite store.


We started walking to the store, it was in a mall, we went by one store right before we got there, I could see bright coloured and very large crystals. I wanted to stop in to see them and check the prices, but decided to keep going.  When we got to the store, we walked up a little ramp.  I had a kind of nervous feeling.  When we walked in, I saw Jeff from work.  It almost sent a chill through my body.  He was running the shop.  In an instant, he knew that I knew, that he was an alien too. I thought it was weird that he had time to run the shop and work full time.  I think it was kind of a volunteer thing.  I walked slowly around the shop.  There were four or 5 kinds of crystals.  I looked around to see if I could see the machine that made the custom ball thing.  I think Jeff asked me what I was doing here.  I was getting nervous in this shop.  I was almost the whole way around, and saw a box of crystals in a cardboard box on the floor.  There was a guy standing there, gazing into a crystal.  So I picked one up and started to gaze into it too.Oh that guy sort of held my hand on the way by as support, and I gently let it go as I squatted down to the box to select a crystal.  The crystals were strange, About the size of a small eggplant, clear with coloured (blue or purple) spots that looked like coloured air bubbles in side.  When I started to gaze into the crystal, Jeff ran over and said “Don’t look at that!”  

David said “Come on, they’re closed, let’s go home”.  I looked up, and quickly, the people in the shop were pulling down the displays and setting up long tables, like a classroom. They were going to have a class or something. I was watching them, and one girl said “Why can you see us?  Humans can’t see us (or something like that)”  At that moment I knew that I was one of them and it scared me.  I pushed my protective aura of white light out around my body to protect me, and oddly, they could see that.  So I left, I started running, and ran as fast as I could back home, through the rain.  When I got there, my 3 friends were waiting for me, we couldn’t go in through the door, unless all 4 of us were present, and I ran to open the door.


Inside the room, Jeff, from the shop and from work, was standing there. I was so surprised, and I asked “How did you get here, I just saw you at the shop!?” He said 
it had been half an hour ago since I left, and he drove here, so of course it was quicker.  


He was going to be my mentor about this stuff.  He said I had to protect myself, and I should have been wearing a protective crystal. I told him I was wearing a crystal pendant my mom had given me in the morning. He asked what it was and I said “Carnelian” and he looked at it as I pulled it out.  He said “Okay, that would be okay, but you really should have a stronger protective stone”..



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