Rock Room

Well at first, we were going to my Aunt D’s house, and she was getting ready for a yardsale.  The sale was the next day, but me, mom , grammie and my aunt were all there the day before for something else, so we looked at the stuff.  I wanted something that was from my childhood, and I found this chicken puzzle ornament (not really in real life from my childhood!).I grabbed it and my other aunt thought she might want it too, but I had it first. I started trying to do the puzzle but realized it was so hard, I probably wouldn’t be able to ever do it!  Then I saw some tinkerbell powder like the kind I had when I was little. I got that too. I wondered if my Aunt Would be annoyed that we were early shoppers, but she didn’t seem to be.I thought I should go with the flow like that too.

Next dream.  We were living in this weird apartment kind of place, make of big rocks.  I had to take a shower, but somehow the showers were all together, so everyone could see the other people if you weren’t careful and it made me so uncomfortable!  Then I went out to our room, and Bee jumped down on a rock, but there were deep holes all around the room.  I decided right then, that we should get a different apartment.  I told my husband that we would get a little apartment, and even though it would be small, it would be safe.  He agreed but said we didnt need a super small apartment, I could get a bigger one.  We were in Korea, and decided that we would move closer to downtown (in my dream, it was a different downtown, that I had dreamed abotu before).  We were so excited! Finally we would be close to everything, we could walk places, close to the bus, and I would get a job near there too.  We wouldn’t be on the outskirts of everything anymore, and we were really happy.
Then we were at the house where I grew up.  I’m not sure what we were doing, but mom and I were in the TV room, and mom was telling me that she could see the hand of her spirit guide in over her shoulder, and reachign in front of her. I was so surprised, she could actually SEE it.  I was trying to test her, but making hand signals, then making her guide do it, covering mom’s eyes, and making mom show  me what we did.  But she kept looking when I was doing it! Anyway, I asked what my guide was doing, and she said my guide had a tight fisted hand, and wasn’t moving at all. I thought I’d better lighten up and  raise my vibration some.  
Well, we were getting our coats on to go to school or work, and suddenly two cars sped into the driveway.  Jason and Gail came in, they had two babies, and some friends. One was Isaac and the other looked EXACTLY like Jason, and he was carrying it.  They came in and we tried to find some food and drinks for them.  We told them we had to leave, but said to find whatever they could for food to eat there.

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